This is the ultimate book for anyone interested in SM, BD, DS or CP, The Joy of Sex for alternative lifestyles I recommend this book over any others on this subject Nothing is informative, educational, enjoyable, or on the mark It explains the mystery without destroying the mystique A must for anyone the least bit curious, but afraid of exploring their darker desires. As Someone who has been involved in the BDSM scene long before the current flood of interest I have been in the situation of having to explain the elemetary point of BDSM philosophy hundreds of time Now I can refer them to Screw the Roses Before this book there was no really accessible source of information from a such knowlegable individuals without personal interaction, something that many do not have the benefit of The presentation is fun and informative An Excellent introduction I look forward to from these A authors. I have just recently entered this alternative lifestyle and wanted information Rather then badger my freinds with questions, I picked up this book I devoured it It disspelled any fiction that I had and gave me the cold hard facts.Answered all questions I had, alleviate any fears and left me with nothnig but anticipation to put forth my newly acquired knowledge.I would recomennd this book to anyone who was also looking to delve into this lifestyle or even for the passing curiosity people. This book has become the bdsm Bible, so to speak Screw The Roses teaches the novice as well as reminds the experienced the importance of the words Safe sane and conscentual Very well written Factual and non pornographic A joy to read We all know that scene newbies need safety advice, to learn how to wield a whip, how to hook up with others, all that important stuff Many, many books accomplish that basic stuff fairly well.But Philip and Molly provide all necessary clues for the clueless in a book much enjoyable than most, full of cartoons, humor and lots of hot pictures While you can learn the basics a lot of places, few authors manage to make it such an enjoyable experience.Told from a primairly male dom female sub perspective, the book remains useful to pansexual perverts of all stripes. Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns Will Tell You All About Sadomasochism We Made It Light Hearted And Fun To Read Because SM Is Fun To Do That S Why We Do It But Fun Is Only SM S Overture For Those Who Grasp Its Message, SM Is Sexual Magic The Right Blend Of Trust, Fantasy, And Sensuality Creates An Intensely Erotic And Deeply Intimate Stew We Take Away Our Lovers Freedom And Lead Them To Profound Liberty We Peer Into The Dark Together, Transforming It To Light In These Pages You Will Find Clear Explanations For The Curious, And Solid Advice, Safety Measures And Steamy Suggestions For The Adventurous Allow Us To Guide You Through The Captivating Realms Of Sensuality, Dreamed Of By Millions, Realized By Few, And Understood By Fewer Still