The Mythology, Rituals, Meditations, And Practices Used In Tantric Worship Of The Goddess Kali In The Tradition Of Kashmiri Shaivism Reveals The Practices Of Vamachara, Known As The Left Hand Path But Accurately Translated As The Path Of Shakti Includes A Kali Ritual From The Nirrutara Tantra, Translated Here For The First Time Presents Devotional Chants, Meditations, And Mudras Specific To Tantric Worship Of Kali According To Traditions Going Back To Pre Vedic Times, Kali Sprang From The Third Eye Of The Goddess Durga As A Destructive And Terrifying Manifestation Of Feminine Power Sent To Lay Waste To The Forces Of Evil Throughout India To This Day, Kali Is Worshipped As The Destroyer Of Bondage, Capable Of Liberating Her Devotee From All Rules And Subjugation In Tantric Kali, Daniel Odier Presents The Mythology, Practices, And Rituals Of Kali Worship In The Tantric Kaula Tradition Within Kashmiri Shaivism He Reveals The Practices Of Vamachara, Commonly Known As The Left Hand Path But Accurately Translated As The Path Of Shakti In This Tradition The Body Itself Is Kalis Temple, And It Is Therefore Unnecessary To Reject Or Deny The Body To Know Union With The Divine Instead, Nothing Is Regarded As Pure Or Impure And There Is Complete Freedom From Rules Focused On Working Directly With Forbidden Emotions And Behaviors, This Path Allows The Seeker To Transcend Obstacles To Liberation Through Sexual Union According To The Kaula Upanishad, In Your Behavior Do The Opposite To What The Norms Dictate But Remain In Consciousness This Is The Essence Of Tantra Kali Is Absolute Reality Manifested As Woman Intoxicated By Desire, She Frees The Tantric Practitioner From All Desire Except Union With The Divine The Author Includes An Evocative Ritual From The Nirrutara Tantra Never Before Translated Into Any Western Language Containing Devotions To The Yoginis According To Matsyendranath, Founder Of The Kaula Path Offering Devotional Chants, Meditations, And Mudras Specific To Tantric Worship Of Kali, This Empowering Book Provides Practices And Teachings For Those On The Tantric Path To Liberation

5 thoughts on “Tantric Kali: Secret Practices and Rituals

  1. LucidDream69 LucidDream69 says:

    Very interesting read, with some Sadhana in there May not be for newbies, rather for practicioners with enough groundwork and basics in place to make it work.

  2. Apocalypse Devotee Apocalypse Devotee says:

    This little book packs a ton of very useful info into a tiny space Like Kali takes form but is Eternity itself

  3. Customer Customer says:

    I am a spiritual person, consider myself a Christian, also interested in all religions because there is much similarity in almost all religions I am drawn to the other religions due to some of the amazing rituals performed Although I may not ascribe to them, I enjoy reading about them Also has many, many books on religions and esoteric subjects That is why I recommend as the place to buy all reading matter They don t censor religious reading including Christianity, as of yet.

  4. PrincessRin PrincessRin says:

    Gave this to my dad and he told me the translation was slightly off.

  5. TheJohnCarter TheJohnCarter says:

    It mentioned much of what i expected