These women are very knowledgeable about bondage and domination and the psychology involved Just like their bottoming book the topping book gives you a great introduction to this alternative lifestyle even if you use the techniques only as a condiment rather than the main course. Dossie Easton and Janet W Hardy, authors of The Ethical Slut, have written what are to me the definitive guides to both topping and bottoming BDSM scenes for people new to the lifestyle I found their experience enlightening and their voice to be comforting They write and talk like an old friend or a sage aunt about complex and uncomfortable topics. Short and informative book If you only read one book to become familiar with the rewards and responsibilities of being a Top this is the book to read With the companion volume, The New Bottoming Book, this team really explores the range of emotions and sensations exchanged between Tops and bottoms in play and long term relationships.The book covers not only toys and techniques importantly, it covers the emotional and spiritual aspects of power exchange play, taken from the unique perspective only long time players who work both sides of the street can bring Their use of language is precise and exquisite, evoking memories or invoking fantasies with ease and grace.Every Top should have a copy on the nightstand every bottom should sneak a peak at the pages as well The New Topping Book By Dossie Easton And Janet Hardy Tens Of Thousands Learned The Emotional And Ethical Skills Of BDSM Topping From The First Topping Book Now, In Addition To The Sage Advice And Good Humor That Made The First Edition A Classic, The Authors Tackle Some Of The Issues That Have Come Up For Tops In The Last Six Years On Line Domination, The Challenges And Rewards Of Lifestyle Relationships, Ensuring Our Own And Our Partners Safety, And