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6 thoughts on “Steve Diet Goedde, The Beauty of Fetish

  1. Blick Blick says:

    Frauen in Szene gesetzt unter dem weitgreifenden Begriff Fetisch Die Zusammenstellung ist recht gut gelungen, wenngleich nat rlich bei weitem nicht alle Bereiche des Fetischismus abgedeckt werden Korsettliebhaber werden aber genauso auf ihre Kosten kommen, wie Fussfetischisten oder High Heels Freunde Dazu die bliche Mischung aus Lack, Leder und Latex.Die M dels sind sthetisch in Szene gesetzt, aber berraschendes gibts nicht zu sehen Die Bilder bewegen sich in den blichen Rahmen Aber das erwartet man ja eigentlich auch, wenn man sich einen solchen Bildband zulegt.Ein fester Einband mit Schutzumschlag, gutes Papier und eine liebevolle Gestaltung des ganzen Buches, lassen den Kauf nicht bereuen.

  2. Angela M Angela M says:

    There is not enough that be said in praise about this book This is far exceeds Volume 1 by a wide margin I did not think it was possible after seeing volume 1, but this one is the better book.This is a book that you should probably put away when your vanilla company visits, the title alone speaks volumes, but the pictures inside will seal the deal, leading to either an outright inquisition, or angry people leaving The photography is all done in the classic tasteful style of Steve Diet Goedde, but it is still nudity, partial nudity and fetish wear as the title implies.The photos are exquisite, posed perfectly to convey the emotion behind them The book is bound in a way that complements the photography, it is truly a fabulous book.

  3. Curtis J. Maloy Curtis J. Maloy says:

    As a long time fan of Mr Goedde, I looked forward to his new book, and WOW If you were a fan of his stuff before, this book will blow you AWAY It is amazing that he does all this work only with availiable lighting He is a true genius and look forward to of his work.

  4. Joaquin del Castello Gilbert Joaquin del Castello Gilbert says:

    Steve Diet Goedde has created a BIG book here big in size 13x10 , big in scope, and the images contained within are eerily bigger than life They almost jump out at you from the page Surprisingly, Goedde has included a huge number of color plates in addition to his famed black white work Each is an exquisite masterpiece of photographic detail saturated with attitude that is pure Goedde.As the title suggests, Steve s emphasis here is on beauty And beauty is indeed what he most conveys here But the ladies seem to be handpicked less for their physical gifts than for their ability to sliver into their outfits and the required mood And this is what separates Goedde from many of his peers his work harbors none of the shtick so prevalent in the genre His girls are real they act that way and he shoots them that way The results are beautiful.

  5. Midori Midori says:

    Mr Goedde s second book is even beautiful, artistic and fetishistically erotic than the first one and that s saying something since I think the first one is dynamite Volume 2 is a photographic chronicle, or collections of impressions, of the first few years of his move to the West.The color images are bolder and often stunningly forthright in its strength for a photographer known for documenting moments of quiet sensuality But don t worry, his black and white images are even of what makes Mr Goedde s works so special They seem to give the views a peek into private moments of contemplation and solitary fetish Eros Many images come with his signature quirkiness that s so delightful as well.If you love images of charming and beautiful women in latex, high heels, leather and boots and if you appreciate excellent fine art photography, this book is for you As it was true with his first collection this beautifully bound oversized book is suitable for any coffee table.

  6. Customer Customer says:

    I have been a fan of Mr Goedde s work for sometime I purchased this book almost as soon as it came out I am a photographer, which can hope that one day I may be close to being as good as him The work is inspiring and you never know what is coming out of those pages He truly has an ability to capture the best in people and situations I wish there were photographers that were artistic as Steve is Art is interpreted in many different ways, but a lot of times when I look at his work, even in this book, I feel like it is a dream Some of the photographs to me are a dark dream There is nothing bad or scary to the photographs, just a bit of darkness with a hint of light I personally love it Since, I too take a lot of pictures of people I love the scenarios they are placed in for the shot You can see the serious and the quirky side to him and it makes you feel that you are seeing him through is work, on a personal level I think that this is a real collector item for anyone that is interested in photography that is on the artistic side I give this book 5 stars