The Same Imagination That Brought You The Spellbinding Sensuality Of The Vampire Chronicles Brings You The Wickedly Erotic And Tantalizing Tale Of Lisa And Elliot S Journey To The Limits Of Pleasure And Darkness At The Club, An Exclusive Island Resort Where Forbidden Fantasy Meets Willing Flesh A Literary RompBold And Erotic, Laced With Luxury, Sexual Tension, Music Dazzling In Its Darkness There Are Times When Mrs Rice Seems Like Nothing Less Than A Magician It Is A Pure And Uncanny Talent That Can Give Voice To Monsters And Angels Both The New York Times Book Review

8 thoughts on “Exit to Eden (English Edition)

  1. Cookie Cookie says:

    Ich bin mir nicht sicher, was ich da gerade gelesen habeEine unfassbar sch ne, gebildete und erfolgreiche Domina und Gesch ftsfrau verliebt sich auf den ersten Blick unsterblich in ihr m nnliches Pendant und ist von da an noch emotional instabiler als vorher Das restliche Buch reden sie haupts chlich miteinander und es wird ziemlich viel geweint.Es beginnt wie ein erotischer Roman, aber daf r kommt der Sex im restlichen Buch zu kurz Auch Handlung gibt es nicht viel, daf r seitenlange Beschreibungen, haupts chlich von der Sch nheit der Protagonisten Und anstatt einer Romanze bekommen wir kapitelweise pseudo intelektuelle Dialoge Schnarch.

  2. Tanja L. Walker Tanja L. Walker says:

    I read some of the reviews before I really got into the book, and I was afraid I would be disappointed with the book I was wrong This is one of my favorite Anne Rice books to date, and that is saying something, because I love everything of hers I ve read That Lisa is the last to recognize the fact that she is in love was so believable, and the struggle both she and Elliot had with their feelings seemed very real and very human As for whether the marriage becomes boring or Lisa has to give up her place at the Club, I seriously doubt that either would happen I think, in the end, they both enjoy the SM world too much to give it up, and why should they, so long as they understand where SM stands in their lives

  3. Jamie83 Jamie83 says:

    Auf diesem Buch basiert der Film Exit to Eden mit Paul Mercurio als Elliott, welchen man aus der Josef Bibelverfilmung kennen d rfte.Ich muss sagen, dass Exit to Eden ein relativ nett geschriebenes B chlein ist, allerdings f r die Hardcore BDSMler oder andere Leute, die auf jeder Seite puren Sex erwarten nicht geeignet Anne s Stil zeichnet sich eher durch die Abwechslung von Witz und Erotik ab, was besonders in der Verfilmung wieder zu erkennen ist.Alles in allem ein sch nes B chlein f r die Badewanne, aber wer es etwas h rter mag, ist mit Sleeping Beauty von Anne Roquelaure besser beraten o und zwar mit allen 3 B nden

  4. Margaret Fiore Margaret Fiore says:

    This is my least favorite of Rice s works It begins boldly, with an over the top sexual adventure in the fringes of sm, but ends up with an unlikely and boringly banal marriage.It is as if Rice had an attack of conscience or publisher half way through So the book ends up being neither a satisfying piece of erotica or romance Neither fish nor fowlI preferred her Beauty books for her somewhat unique brand of bd erotica, and on the literary side, her best are not the Vampire Chronicles, not the Mayfair witch books, but the little known Cry to Heaven, and Feast of All Saints.This is neither good nor typical Rice.

  5. Evan Miller Evan Miller says:

    The concept of the story, the S M Club Med was an interesting one, but didn t seem to be taken to it s full potential A good story of the relationship between the two main characters gets mired between not knowing if it should be an erotic novel or a harlequin romance Her sexual writing is vanilla than in her other writings Beauty series, etc and she never gets to heavily involved in the sex scenes The lack of attention to the sexual parts and the confusion of what it was meant to be is what keeps it from a higher rating It is a good read however, if you don t expect too much from it but a good human story

  6. PennedDragon PennedDragon says:

    This isn t like the movie but centers on the relationship between Lisa and Elliot and why Lisa does what she does The sex plays a back seat It does make you start to wonder why people do what they do.At first, I didn t care for the book but I do find I think about it every once in a while and wish I hadn t given my copy to the local book sale I d probably re read it.

  7. L. Rico L. Rico says:

    As with her other books, Anne Rice writes Exit to Eden with passion and superior knowledge of human feelings and emotions With this book, she has created a stage for sexual creativity, lust, exploration and human emotion Her portrayal of Lisa and Elliot, and their raw desire for eachother, is purely erotic Each chapter keeps you wondering what might happen next and what is going through the mind of each character The book makes me wonder what fire Rice has in her to make her write such a book.

  8. R D Graham R D Graham says:

    This is my first Rice novel, and I have to say that I found this book to be terrifically written with all the splender of erotica and romance with a plot I fell in love with most characters and found their instincts quite remarkable and to the point That is to say, I was quite surprised that a woman author was able to capture the true essence of the male psyche so richly as Rice has done here I loved the book and am looking forward to my next read You won t be disappointed