What Is A Treevipus A Fantastic Creature With The Head Of A Trunkfish, The Body Of A Weevil And The Tail Of A Platypus, Of Course Here, A Host Of Creatures Presented In Humorous Pictures And Informative Captions Take On New Names, And A Hilarious New Identity When Their Heads, Bodies And Legs Are Swapped Around As The Pages Are Flipped In This Mini Edition, Tony Meeuwissen S Witty Interchangeable Text And Beautifully Detailed Artwork Combine To Make An Exceptional Novelty Book To See Some Artwork Inspired By This Book Click Here

1 thoughts on “Monet's garden in art

  1. Oscarkat Oscarkat says:

    What a wonderful book to get lost in This is lovely presentation of Monet through th years in relation to his gardens and art The author paints us an empathetic portrait of Monet and his family and friends through the years of his artistic life This is a wonderful book to escape into Monet s art and gardens It brings you into his world in time and place, immersing you in his visions of garden and the lifelong connection to his art I ve give this book stars if possible