Stunning Woodblock Prints, Beautifully Reproduced Elle Decor, New YorkUtagawa Hiroshige 1797 1858 Was One Of The Last Great Artists In The Ukiyo E Tradition Literally Meaning Pictures Of The Floating World, Ukiyo E Was A Particular Genre Of Art That Flourished Between The 17th And 19th Centuries And Came To Characterize The Western Worlds Visual Idea Of Japan In Many Ways Images Of Hedonism, Ukiyo E Scenes Often Represented The Bright Lights And Attractions Of Edo Modern Day Tokyo Beautiful Women, Actors And Wrestlers, City Life, And Spectacular Landscapes.Though He Captured A Variety Of Subjects, Hiroshige Was Most Famous For Landscapes, With A Final Masterpiece Series Known As One Hundred Famous Views Of Edo 1856 1858 , Which Depicted Various Scenes Of The City Through The Seasons, From Bustling Shopping Streets To Splendid Cherry Orchards.