The Debut Children S Novel From David Walliams, Number One Best Seller And Fastest Growing Children S Author In The Country Now Experience The Whole Story In Glorious Sound As David Teams Up With An Old Friend His Name Begins With Matt And Ends With Lucas To Deliver A Hilarious And Beautifully Produced Audiobook Dennis Was Different Why Was He Different, You Ask Well, A Small Clue Might Be In The Title Of This Audiobook Charming, Surprising And Hilarious David Walliams S Beautiful First Novel Will Touch The Hearts And Funny Bones Of Children And Adults Alike Now David Teams Up With Matt Lucas To Produce An Audiobook With A Difference Read By Two Of The Brightest Stars In Sketch Comedy, This Lavish Production Brings The Hilarious Voices Behind Little Britain To Your Nearest Earphones And It Tells A Fantastic Story Too

8 thoughts on “The Boy in the Dress

  1. megmerrett megmerrett says:

    It s galling that Walliams has had the success that he s had as a children s author due to his celebrity and the media train My 6 year old is loving reading Mr Stink but I ve read The Boy in the Dress without him It s supposedly for ages 9 and I recognise that the easy read, comic approach appeals to some reluctant readers but I m not sure that a 12 year old protagonist is the right way ahead for a child who loves reading at half that age The reference to porn mags, the Willy in the test tube, the bunch of Woofters comment might be funny but they re not 6 year old friendly I m absolutely fine with the cross dressing but not with lazy fat stereotypes and the only main girl character being all about looks ok, she does save the day and the while denouement involving blackmail and making someone feel humiliated and awkward about cross dressing There are better writers out there.

  2. Mrs M Mrs M says:

    My 10 yr old son could read adequately but I could never find any books that really made him want to read for pleasure, which was the only way he was really going to progress Friends at school were reading Harry Potter etc and he was still struggling through easy Roald Dahl books and reading was a chore Then I bought some David Walliams books for Christmas and the whole thing has changed He absolutely loves them Since Christmas he has nearly read them all he has 1 and a bit to go which is unheard of for him, he would normally pretty much take a year to read so many books Now he reads in bed, on the bus and even just at odd moments at home David Walliams is brilliant His books are funny, absorbing and relevant to modern children without being too right on I can t recommend them highly enough The words and lines are well spaced on the pages which makes it easier for children to read them and there is heightened satisfaction for children who struggle with reading as they get through the chapters and fairly thick books really quickly and feel pleased with themselves as well as simply enjoying the books The drawings are fun too My six year old, who is a better reader than my elder son for his age, is probably not quite up to the standard required to read these books He has nevertheless taken to reading them and can only benefit from it I would recommend these books for any children as everyone loves them, parents struggling to find books to engage reluctant readers should definitely get one to try Thank goodness for authors like this

  3. Mr Page Mr Page says:

    Without doubt, one of the most enjoyable novels I have read in a long time It is present day and follows the innocence and naivety of childhood.A 12 year old boy has to cope with the break up of his parents marriage He finds that living in a male only home becomes intolerable as the colourfulness of the family becomes lost Then one day he notices a colourful magazine which he finds comforting A female school chum shares his new discovery and together they play at dressing up not as a cowboy or a nurse or even as a Dalek but as a female The story is not sexual in any way, nor does it contain swear words or violence, it simply addresses a fairly common and widespread problem as seen through the eyes of an innocent child who copes with a situation in the best way he can.There is humour throughout this story and I am pleased to say it has a happy ending o I believe no one could be offended by the content of this book and I would recommend it to everyone.

  4. Nic Nic says:

    Fabulous book,myself and my seven year old read this book together we laughed lots together.I love David walliams style of writing and most definitely think these books could be read by both adults and children,we are now onto the midnight gang and the start again is fantastic

  5. Judy T Judy T says:

    Love this story very reminiscent of Roald Dahl unsurprisingly, as he is DW s hero I appreciate that justice and right prevail in the story My children were brought up on Roald Dahl, and now so is my granddaughter, with the addition of some David Walliams among others As she is only just seven years old however, her parents are vetting his books as some are a little complex grown up in their content She loves this one and I did too.

  6. Ou Shu Yan Ou Shu Yan says:

    Good Storybook Funny Stories But as a sino chinese I cannot understand why some stories appear some words that like a word but too long and only one alaphbet the word used, even some of these words cross over 1page.Is these words Anglos s special Or Mister Williams s special Or the type inputer not stay focus and the typer inputer s finger still click the same one alaphbet key on the keyboard

  7. Janet McC Janet McC says:

    I can see why David Walliams is such a hit, and 4 or 5 of his books made it into the top 20 bestsellers list in 2017 He approaches his topics with such an honesty and sense of humour Very readable.

  8. KJ KJ says:

    The 1st Davis Walliams book I brought I read this to my 7 and 9 year old son at the time My 7 year old loved dressing up in dresses The book was brilliant, well written, very funny and the kids loved bedtime so they could hear the next chapter.