i cannot believe how good these books are i highly recommend them to kids aged nine to sixteen and they are sooo good i myself have read evry single book except midnight obviously but when it is out i will be the first to order it i am begging derek landy to make movies of at Least the first book youve outdone yourself this time derek. A very bold statement to make however, after I discovered Skulduggery Pleasant I went completely off Harry Potter I have received every book from the fifth one on the day of its release and look forward to devouring every word.To the uninitiated Skulduggery is literally pardon the pun a skeleton, detective sorcerer The books are well written and easy to read Importantly, they are humorous, often I have laughed out loud whilst reading the books.Initially I got the first book for my then six year old son as something that I could read to him I was hooked instantaneously.Recently I started purchasing them for my Kindle Just so that I could read them again on holiday without having to use up my baggage allowance.Give them a go, you won t be disappointed. I Stumbled upon this gem while idly browsing through s recommended Kindle books, and so glad I did Landy has created another new magical subculture hidden from humans type of world with new twists, and added a nicely balanced dash of irreverent humor with it.If you were a fan of The Potter Boy , you will certainly enjoy this book.If you were NOT a fan of the above, you will probably really enjoy this book The Young heroine in this case actually seems to be reasonably competent from the start, with glimpses of huge future potential and a refreshing lack of whining, while the characters around her are all well fleshed out if you can say that about a talking skeleton and believable, even the villains.As for the Hero of the title A perfect creation Wise cracking while being tortured, cunning plans that usually consist of lets see what happens , and the sharpest dressed undead in town.Magic without requiring to wave a twig around, excellent fight scenes you can really visualize, there is nothing not to like about this book.Devoured this one in an evening, finished late into the night even knowing I would regret the lack of sleep at work next day.Just off now to buy the rest of the series. Actually, this is one of my son s very few books that I have not read beforehand So, I asked him what was his impressions, and this is what he told me A 5 star rating because it is one book that you do not want to finish, and makes you want to walk around with it all the time Skulduggery is funny, witty and definitely not a scary skeleton He solves mysteries with the help one of human girl.Other than that, I do hope these few words will be helpful to someone trying to decide to buy the book, as my son said I have to read it if I want to know what s in it and he knows I will like it.When I asked about the language, he said no bad words Which I knew from previous reviews but I just wanted to make sure.Well I guess when I have time, I will have to read it and review it myself and see if a 5 stars is well deserved But I have bought him Book 2 3 too. Great story, and from a mums point of view not as horrific as cover would suggest Both I and 12 yr old son thoroughly enjoyed and have gone on to get others from the seriesOK Have now read all of series so far, they are all very well written and pop along at a good pace Quite addictive even for over 40 year olds violence levels do increase as series progresses, which leaves me in a bit of a quandary as far as review goes before I purchased I read a review that said it was comic book violence only, and while that reassured me then, I have to say that I wouldn t recommend the whole series for anyone younger than a mature 12 14 Years old as the violence and battle scenes increase and in later books are almost continuous Unfortunately my son read them faster than I did, so by the time I got to the last few of the series it was too late to censor That said he thoroughly enjoyed them Really nothing to dislike about this introduction to the series Fast paced and well thought out This being the first book I ve read of Derek s, certainly not the last I m certainly looking forward to the other books in the series and if they are anything like the first I m in for a treat. One excited 9 year old son He got it for Christmas and can t wait because all his friends have said how good it is A new series for him to read after the come down from the Harry Potter series I ve been looking for something to replace the excitement of the Harry Potter series and this might be it. The First Story In The Series That Has Captured The Imaginations Of Children Across The Nation, Skulduggery Pleasant Has It All Strap Yourself In For A Rip Roaring Ride Through A World Filled With Magic, Mystery And Murder Most Foul Stephanie S Uncle Gordon Is A Writer Of Horror Fiction But When He Dies And Leaves Her His Estate, Stephanie Learns That, While He May Have Written Horror, It Certainly Wasn T Fiction Pursued By Evil Forces Intent On Recovering A Mysterious Key, Stephanie Finds Help From An Unusual Source, The Wisecracking Skeleton Of A Dead Wizard When All Hell Breaks Loose, It S Lucky For Skulduggery That He S Already Dead Though He S About To Discover That Being A Skeleton Doesn T Stop You From Being Tortured, If The Torturer Is Determined Enough And If There S Anything Skulduggery Hates, It S Torture Will Evil Win The Day Will Stephanie And Skulduggery Stop Bickering Long Enough To Stop It One Thing S For Sure Evil Won T Know What S Hit It