Every Idiot Who Goes About With Merry Christmas On His Lips Should Be Boiled With His Own Pudding, Says Ebenezer Scrooge Mean Old Scrooge Despises Christmas Until Christmas Eve, When A Haunted Voice From The Past Changes His Life Overnight Many Know This Story But Few Have Experienced The True Marvel Of The Tale

5 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol

  1. Busy Bumble Bee Busy Bumble Bee says:

    This is a beautiful little book which exceeded my expectations greatly It is just what I wanted, embossed, gold foiled book titles and page edges , original illustrations by John Leech and original font Mine came shrink wrapped in cellophane The sticker on the back came off with a bit of care I m so happy with it I bought another for a Christmas gift

  2. stephanie 123 stephanie 123 says:

    For my English GCSEs This was very useful as it was the full illustrated copy which was very easy to use and being able to take notes at the side was very convenient as I needed to annotate to remember quotes for marks in my English paper.

  3. FloridaDino FloridaDino says:

    This is a nice introduction to A Christmas Carol, especially for younger readers This is an abridged version, but is based on that approved by Dickens himself It is paced nicely, and the text is spaced out very well, with lavish illustrations and background information on Dickens, London, and the customs of the day.Highly recommend d for younger readers, older readers may find it a little light on the actual substance of the story The broader strokes are there at the expense of the little, but still important, touches.Very nice edition overall.

  4. Miss K. Southern Miss K. Southern says:

    It may come as a surprise to a lot of people, but this is my first ever read by Charles Dickens Of course I know all about his work I know who Miss Haversham is, grew up watching Oliver Twist , and what would Christmas truly be without The Muppets Christmas Carol The last is a Christmas film that really makes me feel festive, but songs aside, I decided to see how close it was to the actual original source, and whether that would give the same kind of feeling The short answer is yes I was surprised by how many direct quotes I recognised and this is definitely a festive story, to be enjoyed at Christmas time I ve decided through this small glimpse of his work that Mr Dickens had a WONDERFUL sense of humour and a gift when it came to writing I was totally engrossed in the story I meant only to load it up on my Kindle ready, but ended up reading the whole thing quite by accident Even better, there really are some wonderful messages here, buried deep if you know where to look For example, this is probably one of the best portrayals of female characters with ACTUAL PERSONALITY I ve seen written by a man in the Victorian era.As with all Victorian novels thanks to the paid by word rule for serial writers, or so I m told this is pretty wordy and repetitive at times However, as I ve said, Dickens was pretty brilliant in his method and there was almost a self awareness about this and he turned it into a humorous joke I didn t find it irritating like I usually do, that s for sure This book had fantastic character, and I loved the story, the spirits, descriptions and heartfelt, festive conclusion.

  5. M. Dowden M. Dowden says:

    This Wisehouse Classics edition is illustrated and they show up perfectly okay and large enough on a kindle e reader, but if you look at this on a tablet device you can enlarge the illustrations if you so desire I should point out that these illustrations are in black and white, the first edition of this tale did have colour pictures but these were hand painted and so most editions such as this only go for the black and white versions Never having been out of print since it was first published this novella has remained a favourite amongst us all both young and old, and I know I am not the only person who has read it many times.In many ways Dickens helped to invent Christmas as we know it today, this tale being a part of that With Scrooge first being approached by the ghost of his deceased former business partner he is warned that he will be visited by three spirits Written in an easy to read style we see how Ebenezer Scrooge changes his ways and by looking at his past we can start to see why he is like he is But as the Christmas spirits of the past, present and future show Scrooge things he knows that a change must be made From greed and selfishness, with lost opportunities and lost love, this tale shows us how redemption can be gained as Scrooge himself starts to transform.A hit on first publication and also acclaimed by critics Dickens here plays with our emotions giving us a feel good sensation as we are told to be generous and kindlier hearted, something that always seems to happen over the Christmas period Always an enjoyable read this is something that the whole family should love.