Hither The Gods Come Not At Any Summons The Nameless One Has Insulted Them And Is Forever Alone Go Not Nigh, Lest Their Vengeance Wither You Away The Warning Was Inscribed On The Entrance Of The Hidden Tomb, Forgotten For Millennia In The Sands Of Mystic Egypt Then The Archaeologists And Grave Robbers Came In Search Of The Fabled Jewel Of Seven Stars, Which They Found Clutched In The Hand Of The Mummy Few Heeded The Ancient Warning, Until All Who Came In Contact With The Jewel Began To Die In A Mysterious And Violent Way, With The Marks Of A Strangler Around Their Neck Now, In A Bedroom Filled With Ancient Relics, A Distinguished Egyptologist Lies Senseless, Stricken By A Force That Challenges Human Understanding From Beyond The Grave Queen Tera Is Reaching Out For The Mysterious Jewel That Will Bring Her , Year Old Plan To Fulfillment

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  1. saxoclariman saxoclariman says:

    Written when Egyptiana was all the rage in Victorian society this book chugs along nicely If you make allowance for the author s perceived necessity to explain in detail aspects of the Egyptian view of the afterlife etc then it can be said that the plot moves along with the final denouement dangled like the proverbial carrot on a stick for the entire book until the last chapter Effectively conjures in the mind the ambiance of polite Victorian society with its moires but has a rather limp ending, but worth a read for all that.

  2. louise ceridwen louise ceridwen says:

    Good book but Appalling quality No page numbers A5 and looks as if someone has just printed out the Kindle Version I couldn t find a version on Good Reads for this book this this Cover on Good Reads.The Cover is decent at least but the book itself is plain white paper standard printer paper than that you would use for a book Felt like a Textbook.

  3. TankGirl TankGirl says:

    Whilst most would associate Stoker with popularising the vampire, this short novel launched the notion of the Egyptian mummy as a horror monster in fiction If you like The Mummy film series, or any mummy horror such as The Curse of the Mummy, this is where it all began

  4. Gerard L Gerard L says:

    The Jewel of Seven Stars is an enjoyable and interesting read, but I cannot remember a text I have ever bitterly regretted reading than the Introduction to the Penguin Classics edition of the novel by Kate Hebblethwaite of Trinity College, Dublin.There is a printed warning to the reader that the Introduction discusses the plot in detail , so I turned to it only after reading the novel itself What the Penguin editors omit to mention, however, is that she also discusses Stoker s Dracula in a silly way and completely spoils the plot of the later novel The Lair of the White Worm Perhaps this has something to do with feminist heavyweight Julia Kristeva s concept of subversion making a damn nuisance of oneself when one is hopelessly short on ideas Hebblethwaite s essay is, in fact, a wretched and inappropriate attempt to explore gender issues in i.e put an artificial feminist construction on Gothic literature in general and Stoker s work in particular.Also included in the Penguin Classics edition of The Jewel of Seven Stars are notes on the text by the same immortal Hebblethwaite Whoever these are for, they surely cannot be aimed at the mature reader For instance, note 2 to a reference in Chapter 1 gives a brief resum of the Biblical story of the Garden of Eden, and note 2 to Chapter 5 explains to us what a sphinx is.By all means read Stoker s work, but not, I advise, in Penguin Classics, and never if introduced or annotated by Kate Hebblethwaite, unless your education is pretty superficial and your interest in Gothic Romance extends to Monique Wittig and Germaine Greer.

  5. In Wonderland In Wonderland says:

    I read this book because I loved Dracula and thought that the supernatural element of this book would be equally as exciting It was a disappointment the language is one of the only things that is redeeming for this novel Stoker has a way of writing everything very elaborately but still manages to make it interesting Aside from this however the storyline is quite dull it boils down to a small group of people s attempt at ressurecting the Egyptian Mummy Queen Terra..It has a lot of potential but I feel that should happen there is a romantic sub plot which could have been taken much further, and the ending is a serious let down it seems as though Stoker couldn t think of an exciting outcome to the story so just decided to draw a line and write The End.I wouldn t recommend it as a particularly interesting read its just alright not good, not bad if your wanting something brilliant read Stoker s Dracula.

  6. John Milton John Milton says:

    On my recent holiday to Egypt, I sought out obvious reading material associated with both the horror genre and the country On the centenary of his death, I discovered one of Bram Stoker s lesser known works his 1903 novel The Jewel of Seven Stars.The Jewel of Seven Stars initially plays out as a detective mystery type novel with some sort of supernatural aspect and I found myself questioning whether or not it can rightly be categorised as horror However, with the inclusion of multiple deaths, mutilated corpses, resurrection and unseen phantom assailants, I don t think there is any real issue with this work taking its place within the genre The mystery aspect and police inquiry into the events narrated here help build up the story and introduce the main characters to the reader.The book shifts in tone from crime mystery to supernatural thriller horror as the story progresses Impressively, the majority of the tale plays out predominantly in one house and in fact mainly in one room the book focuses on a handful of dramatis personae but also takes the reader to the streets of Cairo and ancient Egyptian tombs Despite the different subject matter, there are direct comparisons and plot devices in common with Dracula a lawyer as the main protagonist a scene involving guarding a a vulnerable individual in a bedroom from an unknown assailant a secret chamber positioned in an almost inaccessible location to name a few.Overall, there was a distinct lack of action within the proceedings and generally the language employed, although understandably a little dated, was overly verbose and unnecessary Moreover, Stoker s characters are vastly under developed and than a little cliched This may well be due to the fact that The Jewel of Seven Stars has been adapted for the screen in Blood from The Mummy s Tomb, The Awakening and Bram Stoker s The Mummy, amongst others but I couldn t help but feel that the protagonists lacked any real depth.Given my love for Dracula, undoubtedly Stoker s seminal work, The Jewel of Seven Stars left me unsatisfied and genuinely disappointed by the ending It would appear that I was not the only one either since Stoker was asked to complete a rewrite of the ending shortly before his death in 1912 due to criticism from both readers and critics and so, I read this altered ending too and was equally unimpressed.Stoker clearly spent time researching his subject matter with lengthy references to the modern science of the time, astronomy and of course, Egyptology but despite this preparation, The Jewel of Seven Stars plays out like an Edwardian melodrama and simply left me unfulfilled.

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    The book was despatched promptly and received in just a few days, and although it mentioned SHOP SOILED , it was in excellent condition Great value for money Many thanks book clearance centre