Here S A Fantastic Ghost Adventure Story, Laced With Menace And Humour When A Baby Escapes A Murderer Intent On Killing The Entire Family, Who Would Have Thought It Would Find Safety And Security In The Local Graveyard Brought Up By The Resident Ghosts, Ghouls And Spectres, Bod Has An Eccentric Childhood Learning About Life From The Dead But For Bod There Is Also The Danger Of The Murderer Still Looking For Him After All, He Is The Last Remaining Member Of The Family A Stunningly Original Novel Deftly Constructed Over Eight Chapters, Featuring Every Second Year Of Bod S Life, From Babyhood To Adolescence Will Bod Survive To Be A Man A killer is loose he has claimed three victims from one family but one escapes He lives to fight another day But there is something unique about this escapee.He is a baby.He does not know his name.He finds shelter in a graveyard.The ghosts who live in the graveyard, claim him and name him as No bod y.Bod becomes one of them whilst still alive He has a guardian, Silas and parents Mr and Mrs Owens, teachers throughout the cemetery who educate him on all scholarly and ghostly matters.But the man who killed his REAL family still needs to complete his mission and that is to kill the one who got away Can Bod survive to live another day or will the ghostly world in which he inhabits finally shut him out forever This fantasy book is predominantly aimed at children aged 9 12 and I think perhaps less advanced readers would struggle with it, vocabulary wise but would certainly enjoy the pace of the story There are parts of the book where the plot was certainly lost on me and it had very resonant elements of the Harry Potter series, which could be a double edged sword Youngsters might find it good to progress to such a fantasy book as this whilst others might find it is a disappoint without much reasoned explanation for why Bod s family are killed.The latter being what I found as I thought at one point I had missed a huge chunk of the book out as to why Bod needed to be killed However I think perhaps with adult eyes we look for reasoned explanations whilst as children we would simply go with the flow.Each chapter is a story within itself and they are all page turners and it was an enjoyable read with the right amount of fantasy, reality and enough creepiness without feeling too scared to read on A book for all to enjoy. I recommend this story to anyone, whatever their age If you re a child of the jackanory era, or of john hurt s storyteller, or if your mum read jack the giant killer to you with relish when you were very small and you really enjoyed the bit where he tricked the vicious ogre into committing harikiri, you ll devour this book It s not a simple tale and it s not sunny, but it is memorable and very engaging Nor is it perfect, few things are I wanted a bit clarity about the whys Nonetheless, this is a good one.