On A Lonely Stretch Of Welsh Coastline, A Fisherman Is Killed By A Hideous Creature From Beneath The Waves When The Doctor And Rose Arrive, They Discover A Village Where The Children Are Plagued By Nightmares, And The Nights Are Ruled By Monsters The Villagers Suspect That Ancient Industrialist Nathanial Morton Is To Blame, But The Doctor Has Suspicions Of His Own Who Are The Ancient Figures That Sleep In The Old Priory What Are The Monsters That Prowl The Woods After Sunset What Is The Light That Glows In The Disused Lighthouse On Black Island As The Children S Nightmares Get Worse, The Doctor And Rose Discover An Alien Plot To Resurrect An Ancient Evil Featured Are The Doctor And Rose As Played By David Tennant And Billie Piper In The Hit Series From BBC Television

8 thoughts on “Doctor Who: The Nightmare Of Black Island

  1. mrdubyadee mrdubyadee says:

    Although i have been a fan of Doctor Who on off for a long time,i never got around to reading any of the Doctor Who novels until recently which is unusual for me as i love reading than tv movies but after picking a few of the older new Who books up i have to say i m really enjoying them enjoyed reading this a lot.I wont go into the story as many other reviews have done that already but i will say that this is as good a place to start as any.4 a half out of 5.

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    well used but ok


    love this item it came really quickly, I always use zoverstocks they are brilliant, wouldn t use anyone else can t fault them

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    This is a great story, very well read It s one I will listen to many times.

  5. Matthew Matthew says:

    Got to love a bit of Dr Who audio

  6. Christel Christel says:

    Anthony head is superb Love alle the different voices and accents And i really like the story.Want .

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    Off the coast of Wales outside the village of Ynys Du, the disused lighthouse appears to have some business going on And in the village, things aren t much better So when the Doctor and Rose arrive to monsters in the woods, the Doctor s determined to find out what s going on and put a stop to it.This story features the Tenth Doctor as played by David Tennant and his companion Rose played by Billie Piper The story is a good blend of monsters under the bed, haunted rectories, aliens and old village secrets The Doctor and Rose are pulled into the middle of a mystery that they unwittingly become part of The action is well paced, and the characters are well drawn All round good Doctor Who story.