OK, this was the first William Shatner book that I have ever read and on the whole I can say I enjoyed it The book is set in two time periods nearly 3 just before the Star Trek Generations movie and a short time after Kirk, bored of life in the Federation, looks for an adventure in the twilight of his career And when a beautiful young woman gives him the offer to liven up his life he jumps at the chance for one last hoorah The book reads smoothly, and the story on the whole is fairly good and sticks to the main history that many of Trek fans follow The interaction of Spock and McCoy holds to form What spoils this book for me was the ego of Shatner that comes across in the begining and again at the end Spock crying for his friend, Chechov and Sulu constantly asking themselves what the Captain would do, Kirk s love interest saying her life will never be the same Mr Shatner, please keep to your writting, but try not to overplay the ego Kirk is not the Federation The Time Six Months Prior To The Launch Of The USS Enterprise B And The Tragic Loss Of Captain James T Kirk In Deep Space The Place Earth, Where The Galaxy S Most Renowned Hero Must Face The Spectre Of Retirement But Kirk S Path Takes An Unexpected Turn When A Mysterious Woman Offers Him An Irresistible Adventure A Voyage To An Uncharted Planet Where He Will Confront The Ultimate Threat To The Peace Between The Federation And The Klingon Empire, And The Ultimate Temptation A Chance To Recapture His Youth Captain Kirk is facing his greatest crisis His career is over His crew disbanded His ship taken away Kirk is a man in search of a purpose A chance for one last mission seems to be his salvation, but are things really what they seem Set shortly after Star Trek VI The undiscovered country and allegedly based on a rejected pitch for a direct sequel to that film by Shatner The plot works well as a character study of Kirk We see him almost uneasy at his fame his missions are now holodeck simulations , feeling a failure in his personal life we see him remembering Carol Marcus takings his son way and a man searching for a purpose While Shatner can t resist some ego stroking moments Chekov thinks what would the captain do when in a crisis , we to see a much human side to his icon character and it s great to see An aspect I liked is that the TOS crew is dispersed at the start similar to the dropped prolong to Star Trek VI , meaning they all get there moments, though Chekov somewhat reimagined as a badass comes off best and his relationship with Sulu works on several levels While a bit of a slow burner to start it s about half way through when it really gets going , it s worth preserving with to the exciting space battle finale.As well as the pacing, the villain is one of those old rival who s never been mentioned in all this time characters There are attempts to drop him into Kirk s backstory via references to Star Trek III and the episode Errand of Mercy but it s a little unconvincing Kirk s quest involves a battle for paradise which, while in my opinion superior to Star Trek Insurrection, has a weakly characterised opposition faction and a reveal which may be a little underwhelming though I feel it fits the plot quite well But it s a fun ride for fans helped by collaborators Judith and Garfield Reeves Stephens encyclopaedic knowledge of the show.The wrap around story sets up the superior follow on The Return but this is an enjoyable novel which acts as a nice epilogue to the TOS crew. I think that this was shatners best trek book the rest od the books he did just seemed to be a way to have kirk in the TNG era and that never really worked for me.This story is as it should be, kirk, in the TOS era, with the TOS crew.While The Undescovered Country was Tv s final fairwell to the original series, this is shatners.The characters are well written and all fit perfectly according to the tv show with the exception of Chekov who seems to have become a hard ass, but thats written into the story The only thing i didnt like was that there was an awfull lot of refferences to older stories, which is usually finr to set up a back story, but in this case it just seems that Shatner is say hey hey look at me i rememebr every story in trek and im cool which doesnt really work for me.overall tho it was a fun story and i very much enjoyed reading it. To be honest, this is a great story read by william shatner and was a definite band aid for we Trekkers when James died, but that s only if you can get it I ordered it and got Anita baker This is an interesting William Shatner novel Although not my personal favourite William Shatner novel i consider it to be one of the best written ones in context to it s style I am intending to become a writer one day myself and i learened a lot from it s stucture A book that it still worth reading. This is one of a set of three books by William Shatner, for any Star Trek fan I would recommend these as a must read Good read