very good as advertised and came with a person thank you from buyer Would use them again Loving the kindle edition I was able to read to this Oscar Wilde work to my son within seconds of purchase Great value I did not really enjoy this book too much and as a classic book, it is a total let down If you asked me for a favourite story among all of them, it would be The Nightingale and the Rose Even though it is a sad short story, I liked it and I think it is truly the best in the book I actually thought it would be a happy story full of bird s song and joy but it was full of death and suffering My second favourite story is the one in the title the Happy Prince It too, is about a bird, but this time it is a swallow The swallow is supposed to migrate to Egypt but instead it stays and helps the statue of the Happy Prince, by giving poor people all the jewels and riches off the statue The people of the town decide to get rid of the statue saying that it s dull, and the swallow, which dies at his feet, is thrown away with the Happy Prince s lead heart I purchased the calla edition hard cover The book has been printed in China in 2018 The black and white written material and the illustrations are fine and acceptable, but the color illustrations are totally unacceptable They are so dark that the pictures look like brown blobs I am very disappointed with this edition It s a shame I was looking forward to giving this to my grand neice Now I have to find something else. Lovely old story Worth a read. Oscar Wilde S Collection Of Fairy Stories Are Among The Greatest And Most Poignant Classics For Children And Adults Alike Humour, Pathos, Delightful Little Characters Abound In The Stories Of The Happy Prince And The Swallow Who Agrees To Keep Him Company Despite Approaching Winter The Selfish Giant, Who Doesn T Want Children Playing In His Garden, And The Remarkable Rocket In Addition, There Are Those Who Are Not So Familiar The Star Child, The Young King, And The Devoted Friend PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying Reference Material Will Be Available In Your My Library Section Along With The Audio