In This Late Romantic Novel, The Author Explores The Powers Of Telepathy While Telling A Skilful Tale That Interweaves Suspense With The Familiar Ingredients Of Victorian Melodrama

6 thoughts on “The Two Destinies

  1. Mr. A. J. Downs Mr. A. J. Downs says:

    This Collins novel deals than usually with the supernatural and stretches coincidence beyond all normal limits The characters are less well drawn than usual When all is said and done, though, Collins is never less than readable.

  2. Booklover Booklover says:

    I loved this book Samuel West s reading adds so much to the characters that it was almost impossible to stop A very good book wonderfully well read

  3. D. Donohue D. Donohue says:

    I love this novel and ordered it for my mom The price was high enough exorbitant for a paperbound book that I thought that the novel would be complete The product description says NOTHING about it being one volume of a complex work It is one volume, not the complete work, I was embarrassed to discover from my mom Where is the rest of the work NOT AVAILABLE Available for an additional exorbitant sum If it had been an order for myself, I would return, but my mom is 3,000 miles away and I do not want to add insult to injury by asking her to pack and return ship, so injustice has been rewarded.

  4. Jorge Frid Jorge Frid says:

    When you start the book you ll expect to read Mary s story You ll know her story but you ll just read here and there from her You ll know HIS complete and utterly story but none everything of her s The love story is thrilling in some parts and boring at some points You would read the same story with a different spell about many times If you have this in mind you could like the story than I do.

  5. Deborah Klein Deborah Klein says:

    Ok. I Love the story. it is a beautiful romance I read it on line and I wanted my own copy for that cold rainy night get away when It arrived I couldn t wait to open it just to touch the words. and then Put it in my bookshelf for a perfect night WHAT A SHOCK when I opened it to see the POOR PRINTING JOB on some of the pages even the lines are askew black blotches around the words in some cases and choppy letters not even fully formed on others WHAT A VAST DISSAPOINTMENT SHAME ON

  6. Francine Smith Francine Smith says:

    This is a well written book that just won t stop You see the end from about page 20, but it keeps on with the story anyway It s romance pure and simple No complicated subplots By about page 50, you feel like yelling What are you, blind to the two major characters Alas they are Read it if you like a good love affair I don t.