In This Final Installment Of Ted Dekker S Groundbreaking Circle Trilogy, Thomas Hunter Has Only Days To Survive Two Separate Realms Of Danger, Deceit, And Destruction The Fate Of Both Worlds Hinges On His Unique Ability To Shift Realities Through His Dreams In One World, A Lethal Virus Threatens To Destroy All Life As Scientists And Governments Scramble To Find An Antidote In The Other, A Forbidden Love Could Forever Destroy The Ragtag Resistance Known As The Circle Thomas Can Bridge Both Worlds, But He Is Quickly Realizing That He May Be Able To Save Neither In The Surprising Conclusion Of The Circle Trilogy, Thomas Must Find A Way To Rewrite History As He Navigates A Whirlwind Of Emotions And Events Surrounding A Pending Apocalypse Life Death Love Nothing Is As It Seems Yet All Will Forever Be Transformed By The Decisions Of One Man In The Final Hours Of The Great Pursuit

6 thoughts on “White: Book Three, The Great Pursuit

  1. Mizzo Mizzo says:

    what can i say this author is brilliant and this series is AMAZING makes me want to join the characters in their journey

  2. Andrew Bailey Andrew Bailey says:

    Followed on from Black and Red, White continues to be a thrilling read in the series, couldn t put it down.

  3. freedomrulesok freedomrulesok says:

    Ted Dekker s quite original trilogy concept of a man who alternates between two realities when he sleeps was very good in the first two instalments but this felt like a book too far.The futuristic mediaeval reality was the best, where Thomas of Hunter experiences loss and love and the ongoing fight for survival against the Horde The present reality, of a world facing extinction through a French megalomaniac, was by the numbers.The three books could have been edited to two good novels But, if you ve read the previous two this will tie up loose ends and throw in a surprise or two, about Thomas, Justin, and the central Christian theme that runs throughout.

  4. A Smith A Smith says:

    What a disappointment this trilogy was I got the first book as audio book and it was interesting and gripping at times and full of twists Book 2 was still readable although not as good as the first one By the end of it I was still hoping for the big finale, all the secrets and mysteries explained Not a chance The third book was a pain to read and if you are hoping for some kind of closure you will be bitterly disappointed Dekker will kill the love of our hero s life the whole book is based on their love to replace her in the last few chapters with a brand new character young princes no less Characters are flat, 2D Twists and turns are the main focus in the book but they are so tedious by the third book that I had to skip through it Nothing is explained, no secrets revealed, no concussion No point.Don t bother.

  5. K. West K. West says:

    If you have read Black and Red you have to finish this part of the trilogy The third instalment about Thomas Hunter saving the world This book does not disappoint

  6. Mrs. Karen Johnson Mrs. Karen Johnson says:

    Tip top condition and arrived before time stated have not started this book yet still reading Black but can t wait to get going