Bernard Cribbins Reads This Gripping Story Of A New Star And An Ancient Alien Threat Donna Noble Is Back Home In London, Catching Up With Her Family And Generally Giving Them All The Gossip About Her Journeys Her Grandfather Is Especially Overjoyed He S Discovered A New Star And Had It Named After Him He Takes The Doctor, As His Special Guest, To The Naming Ceremony But The Doctor Is Suspicious About Some Of The Other Changes He Can See In The Earth S Heavens Particularly That Bright Star, Right There No, Not That One, That One, There, On The Left The World S Population Is Slowly Being Converted To A New Path, A New Way Of Thinking Something Is Coming To Earth, An Ancient Force From The Dark Times Something Powerful, Angry And All Consuming Featuring The Doctor And Donna As Played By David Tennant And Catherine Tate In The Hit Series From BBC Television, Beautiful Chaos Is Read By Bernard Cribbins, Who Played Donna S Grandfather In Doctor Who

8 thoughts on “Doctor Who: Beautiful Chaos

  1. The Keen Reader The Keen Reader says:

    This is the story chosen to epitomise the Tenth Doctor as played by David Tennant era in the 50th anniversary celebrations of Doctor Who As such, it has a prologue and epilogue that may be a bit confusing to those not familiar with the relationship and events of the Doctor s travels with Donna Noble However, that s not insurmountable to an interested reader.Unfortunately, I felt that this story suffered, as a Doctor Who story, in being far too much about the trials and tribulations of Donna s family life and not enough about a Doctor related event It read a bit like a family saga, where the author has suddenly remembered they re supposed to be writing a Doctor Who book so they bring in an old enemy from the Fourth Doctor s time and try to tie that into Donna s family saga not very successfully in my opinion.This book has charm in its amusing anecdotes about the Doctor, and Donna, and her grandfather seems like a lovely old chap But there s a lot of familial angst which doesn t sit well in the story, and there s a lot of rather hastily cobbled together action scenes well, they seem hastily cobbled together to me So the result is not so coherent, and not so interesting as you might like it to be as a Doctor Who story, particularly as a story that is indicative of the Tenth Doctor era in the 50th anniversary series A pity, as I felt it could have added up to much .

  2. Paul Tapner Paul Tapner says:

    An oroginal Doctor Who novel, telling an all new story that hasn t been seen or heard before in any other medium.It runs for two hundred and thirty seven pages and is divided into shorter chapters plus a prologue and an epilogue.It s suitable for readers of all ages.It features the Tenth Doctor and his companion Donna Noble.And the characterisation of the leads is perfect and you can easily imagine the actors who played them saying the dialogue.The prologue and epilogue centre on Donna s mother and her grandad Wilfred Mott, and what comes in between is Wilf remembering an occasion when the Doctor and Donna came to visit In time for an uneasy family reunion on a certain day And to see Wilf receive an honour.But at the same time an old enemy of the Doctor s is waiting to strike again And the fate of planet Earth hangs in the balance.This book concerns itself a lot with Donna as a character and her relationship with her mother and as a result both have something of an emotional arc to work through It also tries hard to characterise supporting cast members so you do get potted histories of their life every time someone new is introduced.This does mean that the main plot is simmering away in the background for a lot of the first third of the book but it doesn t really spoil that as it does feel as if things are moving along at just the right pace.Those who are unfamiliar with the old enemy in question shouldn t have any problem getting into the story as there is enough exposition in regards to it And there are some pleasing continuity references for those who are.Once the plot really does kick it things move along nicely and it does keep you turning the pages in time for a pretty decent resolution.A slightly above average entry in this range.

  3. mrdubyadee mrdubyadee says:

    I enjoyed watching the 10th Doctor but i have to say that Donna Noble was never my favorite companion so i was a little unsure how well her character was going to translate into book form but i needn t have worried as this novel is just the right parts of Doctor Donna with Wilfred along for the adventure.Mystery,aliens and some excellent comedy moments.4 a half 5

  4. Bruce Bailey Bruce Bailey says:

    This is a fairly simple follow up to an earlier Who tale The characterisation is very good and the story is simple to follow, and although linked to continuity the book is not drowning in it like some of Gary Russell s work.Enjoyable, if a little unchallenging.

  5. Sarah Lamb Sarah Lamb says:

    I just loved David as the doctor And since he left and I ve read all his books I was really looking forward to this book And it didn t disappoint Once I got into reading it I found my self really enjoying it, I also found myself reading the voice of the doctor in my head how David plays the doctor Haha hope I don t sound too mad But this is a really great book and a great addition to my collection on my kindle

  6. Allons-y-bookworm Allons-y-bookworm says:

    This is quite possibly my favourite Doctor Who novel that I have read So many links to previous episodes, brilliant foreshadowing and accurate characterisation I love how we found out of Donna s backstory and why her relationship with her mother is the way it is For once the alien invasion seems to have taken a backseat as this story focuses on a human aspect family It s a bit gritty but I mean that in a good way I won t give too much away but the prologue and epilogue will make you emotional All in all, this book is bloody brilliant and you really have to read it.

  7. Tim Tim says:

    I found this book VERY slow to get going Maybe because I ve watched the show and knew the characters already, Donna, her grandad and mum You ll get about half way before things get going I was expecting it to be better I Preferred Deep Time.

  8. Energise Records Ltd Energise Records Ltd says:

    Great to see Wilfred Mott back in the book, and a story that has real heart and sentiment as well as the normal big action pieces Some parts will make you laugh and other parts will bring a lump in the throat Very well written.