A Bear On Paddington Station Said Mrs Brown In Amazement Don T Be Silly There Can T BeThe Browns First Met Paddington On A Railway Station Paddington Station, In Fact He Had Travelled All The Way From Darkest Peru With Only A Jar Of Marmalade, A Suitcase, And His Hat The Browns Soon Found That Paddington Was A Very Unusual Bear Ordinary Things Like Having A Bath, Travelling Underground Or Going To The Seaside Became Quite Extraordinary, If A Bear Called Paddington Was Involved Having seen a trailer at the cinema for a forthcoming film version of Paddington, I downloaded this book to read to my daughter, realising that although Paddington had been a favourite in my childhood, I hadn t yet shared it with her It was even better than I remembered, and she loved it too, laughing out loud as I read it to her She s keen to read further books in the series herself she s 11, and I had wondered whether she might be too old for it, but clearly not There were the odd bits that I needed to translate e.g explaining the concept of seaside photographers who used to offer photo services to tourists, with big cameras using photographic plates out of date even when I read this book as a child, and archaic in an age when everyone takes snaps on their phones and tablets It therefore jars that the publisher has updated the currency in the book from pre decimal to decimal currency, which doesn t make sense I m sure there were no photographers working like this post decimalisation 1971 But such issues are always a dilemma when reading classic children s literature.It was an added bonus to find at the end a short, pleasant essay by the author describing how he first came to write the Paddington books, which have eclipsed everything else he ever wrote, as far as I m aware It was a lovely story, but then oddly contradicted by a the publisher s About the author bit afterwards, which gave a completely different and far less compelling account Ok, so which is it I prefer to believe the Bond s version but the publisher ought to have spotted this, and to get their facts right Not affecting my five star rating here, though, as those stars belong to Paddington and his creator, not to the publisher. The world s most famous illegal immigrant first appeared in print back in 1958, and has been entertaining children and adults ever since I must admit that I did become worried about Paddington at the General Election as it was rumoured that if UKIP gained some power they had a secret agenda in which Paddington books would be publicly burned But thankfully for us all this didn t come to pass.At the end of the story is a postscript by Michael Bond in which he writes about the way he really just kind of stumbled upon writing a children s book, and how certain characteristics of the characters come from real people he knew You can look upon this book as either a novel, as the chapters continue in a logical order, as well as a series of short stories, as each chapter tells of the further incidents of what has become a legendary bear.We first meet Paddington at Paddington station, by which time he has stowed away on a ship from Darkest Peru and entered the country illegally When Mr and Mrs Brown see him they being kind hearted but foolhardy folk, give Paddington a place to live with complete disregard to immigration laws But I think that they may have bitten off than they can chew, because Paddington, which is the name they give to the bear is quite a handful.From the beginning of this book we see that Paddington although very polite, can be exceptionally clumsy, and thus he gets into all sorts of trouble and causes a certain amount of mayhem and worry wherever he goes My sister and I had the stories read to us when we were little, then we read them ourselves, and watched the TV production on the BBC at the time, and although it has been years since I last read this particular book I could still remember parts of the story.In our house we used to practice that famous stare that Paddington gives to some people at times, and I have even taught a former girlfriend how it goes, which has caused many in the past to become quite worried Paddington works for all ages as the stories are so full of comic incident and misunderstandings, which we can all relate to Thus if you are reading this to a child you will find that you love this story just as much now as when you were little yourself. I loved these books as a child and am now re reading them with my grandson they re in kindle format now Some books I read as a child didn t seem to have the same appeal when I went back and read them as an adult but the charm is still there in this one It still reads as well now as it did then My grandson loved it and thought it was funny too Very enjoyable for both of us Timeless tales I loved the additional section at the back with a bit of background information from the author, about how the books came about etc I bought the next book in the series straight after finishing this one and can t wait to get to that one as well.