For The Last , Years, The Klingons Have Revered Him As The First Klingon Emperor, The Legendary Warrior Who United Their People And Taught Them The Meaning Of Honor Myths And Fables Have Grown Around The Memory Of Kahless, But The Truth Of His Incredible Life Has Remained A Mysteryuntil Now A Clone Of The Original Kahless Now Holds The Title Of Emperor He Thinks He Knows All There Is To Know About His Mighty Ancestor, Until The Discovery Of An Ancient Scroll Throws The Accepted Stories Into Doubt And Threatens To Tear The Klingon Empire Apart Surrounded By Treachery And Rumors Of Revolt, He Can Trust No One Except Captain Jean Luc Picard And Lieutenant Worf Of The USS Enterprise The Past Collides With The Present As The True Story Of The Historical Kahless Sparks A Battle For Control Of The Entire Klingon Empire Yet Even If Worf And Picard Can Prevent A Civil War, The Revelations Contained By The Scroll Ensure That The Klingon Empire And The Rest Of The Galaxy Will Never Be The Same

7 thoughts on “Star Trek, The Next Generation Kahless (Adapted)

  1. Sam Tyler Sam Tyler says:

    I am somewhat of a fair weather Star Trek fan, but enjoy reading the books from time to time as they are often quick and easy reads that contain characters I already know What I don t really care about is the nuances of the Universe or how the Klingons came to have their sense of honour However, perhaps I should have been interested as Kahless by Michael Jan Friedman may just be the best ST book I have read to date and it is all about the history and future of the Klingon Empire.As a fictional race the Klingons have always annoyed me slightly they are violent to the point that it is detrimental to them However, Kahless shows you that they could have been even worse and that Kahless the famous warrior of 1500 years ago showed them how to use honour and not just violence The book jumps between the retelling of Kahless legacy and an adventure in the Next Generation era with Picard and Worf helping the Kahless clone uncover a conspiracy.The jumping back and forth works brilliantly In the present day a scroll has been found purportedly written by Kahless that suggests his acts have been made into myth This has caused ruptures in the very fabric of what Klingons think they are Exploring what is myth and what is truth in religion is not a very Star Trek concept, but it works brilliantly here You can easily compare what the Klingons are going through and parallel it to some of our own organised religions.This may be looking a little too deeply into the book and it is unclear if Friedman meant to explore organised religion What it clear is that he planned to write an action packed novel that jumped back and forth from cliff hanger to cliff hanger It is only the poorly thought out sections about Worf s son Alexander that slow the book down Like any good Klingon Kahless packs a punch entertaining and interesting it is a book that will certainly appeal to Star Trek fans, but also holds some weight on its own.

  2. Mrs T Heaume Mrs T Heaume says:

    This is the best Star trek TNG book I have ever read I am not a fan of the Klingons and as a result delayed reading this one for quite some time It was a gift However, this is easily the best star trek book out there The story switches on every chapter,ie the old klingon days when Khaless was alive, to the present, Star trek,The next generation era on every other chapter.They are two fabulous stories in their own right, however, they are also both connected to one big story.And what a story.Even if you are not a fan of Klingons you will love this book BUY IT NOW

  3. K. Wyatt K. Wyatt says:

    Star Trek s most prolific author, Michael Jan Friedman, in Kahless takes on the task of telling the tale of Kahless the Unforgettable which is a story that, while unfortunately is was not explored thoroughly in either The Next Generation or Deep Space Nine, needed to be told While Star Trek The Next Generation and the character of Worf did a great amount in furthering our knowledge of the Klingons and their culture, with Worf making the move over to Star Trek Deep Space Nine at the beginning of the fourth season did so much in furthering that knowledge but it also brought up some serious contradictions As this novel was probably finished somewhere around February of 1996 and Deep Space Nines fourth season started only a short time before that, there are definitely some contradictions, but they re minor.As is usual with a Michael Jan Friedman novel, the premise, plot setup, execution and pacing are all extremely well done in this novel, the only detractor being some of the fight scenes which aren t played out to the author s usual high standard The cover art for this novel is pretty good for the time in which it was published.The Star Trek History For those that may not be entirely familiar with the story of Kahless the Unforgettable and how his character came into play during Star Trek The Next Generation s run on television Late in the fifth season of STNG, one of the most intriguing and telling episodes of the series aired, Rightful Heir In this episode, Worf had recently lost his faith after his experience on Carraya IV and finds himself not performing his duties very well He chooses to take leave to go to the Klingon monastery on Boreth, the Klingon spiritual world to seek Kahless As legend described, as he lay dying, Kahless promised his return and pointed to the star in which Boreth revolves.After several days of seeking Kahless, Worf becomes even despondent when Kahless doesn t appear to him As he is about to give up, Kahless comes to him, not in a vision but in flesh and blood After much political intrigue, Kahless is discovered to be a clone when Gowron, Chancellor of the Klingon Empire, easily defeats him in hand to hand combat Through great lengths on Worf s part and in an effort to save the flailing empire, Gowron allows the Kahless clone to take the ceremonial role of Emperor of the Klingon Empire.STNG Kahless The premise The Klingon Empire and its culture is one that steeped in legend and tradition Much of that tradition of honor is placed in the tales of Kahless the Unforgettable who is in essence the one Klingon that their religion is based upon When the monks on Boreth cloned Kahless, they gave him all of this myth and legend as memories of his own With these memories, Kahless the clone now sits upon the ceremonial thrown of the Klingon Empire, leading the empire spiritually.A recent archaeological dig uncovered a scroll, presumably written by Kahless himself This scroll, once made public, puts everything the Klingons believe in into to question as it is blasphemous to every tale ever told about Kahless As the dissent starts to mount, Kahless the clone discovers a plot against him and, seeing treachery everywhere in the empire, he seeks the aid of Captain Picard and Lieutenant Worf.What follows from there is a well told story in which Michael Jan Friedman takes us back and forth between the Modern age and the Heroic age, weaving the tale and plight of the Kahless of legend and the Kahless of today.I highly recommend this novel as it serves well to further the story of Kahless the Unforgettable it is essentially a story in the Star Trek mythos that needed to be told ssintrepid

  4. Franklin Morgan Franklin Morgan says:

    Fun and very well written Great surprise ending

  5. Scott Munster Scott Munster says:

    What need be saidits a book of KLINGONS

  6. Andrew J Wienecke Andrew J Wienecke says:

    Good read.

  7. kebrad63 kebrad63 says:

    I think that this is a very good book It s in great condition I give you 5 stars Thank you for sending me this book Sincerely, Kevin B Clark