I don t know why but i couldn t really click with these books really liked the films and I even liked and finished Bridget Jones Baby, but I just couldn t get into this book and believe me I tried multiple times. A Dazzling Urban Satire Of Modern Human Relations An Ironic, Tragic Insight Into The Demise Of The Nuclear Family Or The Confused Ramblings Of A Pissed Something I had resisted buying this book for a long time due to the chick flick film that came out a few years ago Finally I downloaded it to my Kindle I was than pleasantly surprised the book is really, really good I love the way she catalogues her day ciggies, calories, screatch cards, times dialled 1471 etc The writing is very honest and very believable in the way it is delivered As you read it you find that we all have a bit of Bridget in our personalities and our lives I found myself laughing out load in some parts I loved the way she managed to find anything to do to avoid working ringing friends, painting nails or the morning panic where she has to go through several pairs of tight until she finds one with holes that will be hidden I d meant to read this book for ages, but never quite got around to it With the recent release of the third book in this series, I decided I d better get on with it The film adaptation of the book has stayed very close to the story in the book, so if you have seen the film as I have , you will already know how the story goes despite this, I still really enjoyed reading it Bridget Jones s Diary is funny and heart warming and the title character s observations of day to day life are very close to the mark, so much so that I had to smile at the number of times her diary entries reflected my own opinions and experiences Bridget is very down to earth and her worries and insecurities are an echo of those experienced by women of all ages.Well worth the purchase price, will now progress to Edge of Reason Second time I ve read it Still the same ending Love Bridget and still think she was no overweight than a drinking stradw. All the positive reviews for this book are justified and compliment it in ways than I can Bridget is a lovable character and the epitome of the personal challenges that the average woman faces in the day to day Fielding s narrative is thoroughly honest and completely hilarious Have re read this book so many times that the spine is now starting to break. This now has to be read as a classic which is a shame as I first read it when it was incredibly current and relevant.It remains very funny, closely structured and well written But sadly it falls between two stools in another thirty years it will rank alongside Jane Austen and appear on Eng Lit syllabuses rightly so. If you just want some light escapism Fielding is a funny and observant writer I know that, at the time, Bridget became supposedly representative of every single woman over the age of 29 but reading it now and having been there and done that I m not sure how representative Fielding intended her to be The obsession with self help books, the constant over analysing of love interest s behaviour, the weight fixation, the laser eyed resentment between the singletons and smug marrieds all are exaggerated for comic effect Plus how many single thirty something women living in London today could afford to buy a flat on their own