Dr Victor Frankenstein, An Ambitious Young Scientist, Is Consumed By A Fanatic Desire To Create A Living Being He Fashions An Eight Foot Tall Creature And Succeeds In Animating Him, But, Horrified By His Visage, Perceives His Creation To Be A Monster And Frightens Him Away The Monster, Wandering In Search Of Human Companionship, Is Spurned And Repulsed By All He Approaches And Learns To Hate And To Kill He Confronts His Maker With A Terrible Choice Unless Frankenstein Creates For Him A Mate, He Will Go On A Rampage Of Destruction Frankenstein, A Masterpiece Of Th Century Gothic Horror And Considered To Be The First Science Fiction Novel, Is A Subversive Tale About The Corrupt Tendencies In Humanity S Most Civilized Ambitions A very absorbing tale Because I have seen so many versions of Frankenstein on TV Hammer House Horror, the old Boris Karloff style movies There are so many different presentations that I did not know what to expect The way it all began was splendid and the whole experience was glorious and Gothic Victor Frankenstein creates an eight foot tall man from dead body parts The scientific project is a hideous creation that Frankenstein finds himself disgusted with The crux of the story is that this wretched eight foot monster can t accept his creator s rejection.The monster comes back to haunt Frankenstein and shower misery upon him with devious and murderous means of close relatives Frankenstein is caught up in a battle of his own conscience as the ghoulish giant monster blackmails him for his own contentment and happiness This story is a fabulous masterpiece I am so pleased I read this.The Last Days of Thunder Child Victorian Britain in chaos This version is not compatible with the penguin edition of the book and many pieces of the text is summarised, skipped or altered which of course takes away from the actual meaning of the text The reading in itself is of good quality and is comfortable to listen to but that means very little when what is being read is not in accordance with the original text If you just want to read Frankenstein for the pleasure of it I suppose it will do but I would argue having listened to this version you cannot really claim to actually have read Frankenstein as it is so lacking in content that I wouldn t bother.Still waiting for someone to do a full text reading of the book but for now I ll just have to read it out loud to myself. This is an excellent scholarly edition of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley This volume consists of two distinct versions of the novel On the one hand, there s Mary Shelley s earliest draft and on the other, there s a revised draft by Percy Shelley.So for the first time we can read this class novel as Mary originally intended It s somewhat shorter, and faster paced than the finished book, as was published in 1818 In fact, Percy revised the draft quite considerably crossing out many words, altering sentence structure, and adding some 5,000 words to the manuscript Here we can plainly see the differences between the early manuscript and the final publication.The editor of this volume, Charles Robinson, provides a 20 page introduction, exploring the differences between the two versions.This book is nicely presented, on good quality paper If you re interested in the development of the Frankenstein novel, you ll appreciate this book. Well I d been wanting to read this for ages, now I have all the time I need so I got started For anyone who has seen any of the earlier film versions of this, forget them, there is no correlation between what she wrote and what they created The narrative is excellent and the way your drawn through the story The philosophical debates of the the creator of life and the created, how they are eternally connected whether they like it or not How mankind shuns those who are kind and generous yet their looks outway their actions A must read and I feel I will read it again soon.