My 9 year old son adores these He is not massively bookish but he has now got through 3 in the series and requested I ve read a chapter or 2 to him to see what they are like As expected, good accessible with enough action to keep you interested The interweaving of Greek mythology into a modern day setting is clever sort of like blending vegetables into dinner so the kids don t notice I would recommend But really the recommendation is that it keeps boys interested in reading There are parties, and then there are huge, major, blowout parties And then there are Olympian parties If you ever get a choice, go for the Olympian Heh I think this quote just sums up exactly why I like these books so much We are back with Percy, aged 14 now, getting into mischief and breaking every rule.There is such a fine line between Percy being an annoying brat and a great character but I think Riordan definitely adds enough humanity and humour that he is very likeable, once you get by his rather immature moments It s okay Percy, I will snort at your stupidity sometimes and really want to slap you but I still like you The plot in this book is incredibly fast paced There isn t a moment of downtime and not a page that doesn t have a meaning It dives straight into the action from the first page.This book is definitely not suitable to be read as a stand alone You need to have some sort of background Even though we have reminders throughout the book about past occurrences, there simply isn t enough information for a new reader.I heartily recommend this whole series though. after reading the first two books on holiday i was hooked and had to buy the next one.This one is definitely harder to follow than the first two but i enjoyed it becabuse it has a lot of mystery and a huge twist at the end.There are quite a few new characters in this aswell i am an eleven year old that has finished the harry potter books so if you have finished these go and try the harry potter books or if you have finished harry potter read these and i grantee you will enjoy it either way.Also if you finish these and you like the greek mythology Rick has wrillen plenty about greek stuff.I dont know why but this book gave me a lot of ideas for art but all of the others did too do artists get reading.Great book for any age over ten Great read We read it out loud for story time 11 year old plus mum and dad were gripped all the way through 7 year old needed some small parts explaining but loved in generally Some parts a little scary, but a fantastic adventure book with a smattering of greek history Love it we already ready books one and two as well The Third Fantasy Adventure In The Percy Jackson Series Is Now Available To Download, Complete And Unabridged, On Audio It S The Last Friday Before The Winter Holidays But Percy Jackson Isn T At School He S Battling The Fearsome Manticore Half Human, Half Lion , Which In Itself Isn T Ideal But With Annabeth Missing And The Goddess Of The Hunt Held Captive, Things Get A Whole Lot Serious Greek Mythology Relocated To Modern Day America Action Packed, Funny, Accessible Writing For Both Boys And Girls Aged Perfect For Fans Of Harry Potter And Artemis Fowl Bought the whole series of Percy Jackson for my 12 year old son who liked a lot all 5 books including this and read them during a relatively short time When he finished the Harry Potter series he was in trouble what to read next so we pick these for him I am glad we did because the story is good and engaging, adventurous enough for a young boy plus it teaches some about acient greek history which is a bonus really I would definietly recommend it. I love Greek mythology and Percy Jackson makes me believe in it even Rick riodan is an amazing Twitter n his books are well structured n well written I ll liked this book because finally so many questions are answered you get to know any the prophesies n about thalia n one off my all time favourites Atlas on of my fac God s IN Greek mythology makes an appearanceit s all great I love the way there a vision of the gods to be different from what they were portrayed to be in the Hecules series, the young Hercules series and in Xena even though xena is not a real Greek character Rick s worlds took me away to a whole new universe I m in love with Percy Jackson but that s mostly because he is the son of Poseidon recommend this book definitely I really like the Percy Jackson series They are very creative and funny Book three has chapter titles like I gain 100 million extra pounds and I wrestle Santa s evil twin , which are really enjoyable chapters It is a decent length book around 300 pages with about 20 chapters too It also has a lot of suspense as it has an oracle who see s into the future, predicting deaths It is all based around the gods and Greek mythology but it is mainly about a 14 year old boy Percy who is immortal Poseidon and mortal mum s son who goes on heroic adventures Having a mortal mum but an immortal dad made him a half blood meaning he had to go to a camp where he met all his friends like Grover, Annabeth, and also some new ones from this book It is an amazing book that I would suggest to kids who like to read and are in the 8 16 age group or maybe higher By Reece age 11