I m reading these books to my 6 year old son after being recommended by a friend Both he and i love these stories They are filled with adventure and humour which is understandable to both of us We treat them as though they aren t remotely related to the film as the film is so completely different The books do say they don t need to be read in order but after accidentally reading how to speak dragonese before how to be a pirate we realised that actually they do need to be read in order as there is reference to previous books. Listen To The Books That Inspired The How To Train Your Dragon Films, Narrated By David Tennant THE STORY CONTINUES In The Second Volume Of Hiccup S How To Train Your Dragon Memoirs Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III Was An Awesome Sword Fighter, A Dragon Whisperer And The Greatest Viking Hero Who Ever Lived But It Wasn T Always Like That Hiccup S Memoirs Look Back To When Hiccup Was Just An Ordinary Boy, And Finding It Very Hard To Be A Hero Can Hiccup Find Grimbeard The Ghastly S Treasure Before Alvin The Treacherous Gets His Sneaky Hands On It And If Hiccup Opens A Box That Says DO NOT OPEN, Will He Live To Tell The Tale How To Train Your Dragon Is Now A Major DreamWorks Franchise Starring Gerard Butler, Cate Blanchett And Jonah Hill And The TV Series, Riders Of Berk, Can Be Seen On CBeebies And Cartoon Network Read The Rest Of Hiccup S Exploits In The Rest Of The Series And Check Out The All New Hiccup Website At Howtotrainyourdragonbooks It S The Place To Go For Games, Downloads, Activities And Sneak Peeks this cd i brought being a David Tennant Fan, i absolutely adore the stories as well since i brought this, David Tennant Reads these stories in such a way that has you literally howling with Laughter, and can easily lose yourself for the 3 plus hours it takes to listen to the 3 cds, in every story, i adore the way he flits from character to character effortlessly , each given a different voice different characteristics.if you need a laugh for whatever reason lol, i can almost guarantee if you were a bit down in the dumps before listening you definitely wont be after believe me, and if you dont find this hilariously funny, then your chuckle muscles and sense of humour are not what they were lolthis gets ten out of ten, and Thanks David Tennant And Cressida cowell , you are both the tonic i needed ,id recommend this to any and all, whether you need a laugh and entertaining , this is a real TONICregards Julie Ann Purchased it for my daughter, she red it in one day I guess she s happy, she s a fan of the movie and series Fabulous Our 9 year old boy was an willing but unenthusiastic reader until he discovered this series of books He has now consumed the entire series in under a month I ve been reading with him, so I know he s not skimping and just dipping into them He knows all the stories well now and was providing a running commentary as we watched the How train your dragon DVD recently Now he s finished them he seems to be keeping up the reading with other books Well done Ms Cowell How to be a Pirate How to Train your Dragon PlotThis is the second book of the magical series of How to Train your Dragon The plot features a boy called Hiccup who is learning to be a pirate with his dragon toothless until one day they arrive at the Isle of Scauldrons An adventure is about to begin meeting terrible dragons, making new friendships and battling the treacherous villain Alvin.My opinionI think this is one of the best books I have ever read It s creative, it s funny and it s hugely entertaining My favourite scene is when Alvin the Treacherous gets swallowed up by the Monstrous Strangulator because it s very dramatic and I like the mystery that Alvin the Treacherous may come back again I think the following quote from this scene illustrates the humour in How to be a Pirate It s tentacles gripped strongly and escape became impossible More food it mused to itself Not food Hiccup shouted out I m poisonous Very, very poisonous Poissonousssss hissed the creature it ssspeaksss and iss poissonusss, is it I m poissonouss Ssssee and it waved the deadly plunger on its tail in front of Hiccup Cowell, 2004 , p.201 Who should read this bookAnyone who likes humour, fantasy or adventure will love this book and will get stuck reading the whole series just like I did Rose age 9 I read these books to my six year old for an hour a night before she goes to bed she always ends up going to sleep to late because neither of us want to stop the story The details are not exactly the same as the films obviously as the films are likely an adaptation for viewing rather than reading Both books and film are fantastic, really good adventures, and funny too.