This is a tale of unfolding public fantasy It s the evolution of female heroes through the decades, which ties in with developments in fashion, film, politics and music In exploring the comic books, Madrid touches off light shows of memories and associations It s fascinating and playful. Comic Book Superheroines Bend Steel, Travel Across Time And Space, And Wield The Awesome Forces Of Nature These Mighty Females Do Everything That Male Superheroes Do But They Have To Work Their Wonders In Skirts And High Heels The Supergirls, A Cultural History Of Comic Book Heroines, Asks Whether Their World Of Fantasy Is That Different From Our Own Are The Stories Of Wonder Woman S Search For An Identity, Batwoman And Power Girl S Battle For Equality, And Manhunter S Juggling Of A Crime Fighting Career And Motherhood Also An Alternative Saga Of Modern American Women Bought this as a present but read it first of course Really enjoyed it, it s balanced and thought out than you might expect It s interesting as a cultural indication of social change and, as a comic book fan, it s really interesting to read about early comics and comic heroes that have been forgotten It gets a little weaker as it heads into the modern age but still recommended. I bought this book as a gift for my partner so I cant comment much about the content, although it does look interesting The delivery was sharp, on time and in good health no battered edges, no burst packaging Im sure she ll love the book good read well packaged Please don t buy this book if you are looking for an actual analysis of feminism and comics This is a very superficial look at the history of women in comics, complete with fairly derisive language.Apparently, the cleavage of a character undercuts her feminist message Maybe, although we could look at current liberal attitudes to women owning their own bodies and not having to have some demure facade to speak truth to male power Also, the vast majority of the comics were written and drawn by men so there is automatically a question of motivation there Why would they present a feminist message in a sexy package Could it have been to undercut that very message Or could it just be that they wanted to get the message across but knew the body would sell it I don t know and Madrid doesn t examine this He also doesn t examine much about the women who were and are reading comics.There are good books and blogs about feminism and comics go find them and skip this.