A Hilarious, Touching And Extraordinary New Fable From David Walliams, Number One Best Seller And One Of The Fastest Growing Children S Author Across The Globe Joe Has A Lot Of Reasons To Be Happy About A Billion Of Them, In Fact You See, Joe S Rich Really, Really Rich Joe S Got His Own Bowling Alley, His Own Cinema, Even His Own Butler Who Is Also An Orangutan He S The Wealthiest Year Old In The Land But Joe Isn T Happy Why Not Because He S Got A Billion Poundsand Not A Single Friend But Then Someone Comes Along, Someone Who Likes Joe For Joe, Not For His Money The Problem Is, Joe S About To Learn That When Money Is Involved, Nothing Is What It Seems The Best Things In Life Are Free, They Say And If Joe S Not Careful, He S Going To Lose Them All

5 thoughts on “Billionaire Boy

  1. Mr. D. Mayson Mr. D. Mayson says:

    I realise this will not be a popular opinion, since David Walliams seems to be inexplicably flavour of the moment, but I don t like his books Others have commented on the unnecessary, inappropriate content and no I didn t particularly want to have to explain page 3 girls to my son either but I guess everyone is entitled to different notions of what is morally correct.But his writing style is terrible, to the point where he would not be published, in a million years, if his celebrity wasn t guaranteeing sales It s inconsistent in the sense that the vocabulary, and sentence construction, slip between being for a 3 year old and a 15 year old And giant chunks of the book consist of long, long, long lists that he believes to be very funny For instance he talks about the awful meals served by the school s dinner lady A couple of examples perhaps dandruff soup and bat vomit pie would have served to illustrate the level of surrealism, but he insists on devising the entire week s menu , with starters, main courses, desserts and alternatives for each running to 5 or 6 pages Similarly, after the hilariously named Peter Bread starts work at the school, Walliams makes the point that some names are just not good if you want to have control of a class and invents several pages of them There are several such exhaustive lists in the book and indeed all his books that I ve read so far and they re a massive yawn It s the kind of writing every primary school kid produces, believing completeness to be necessary, and obsessing over details they think are hilarious Half decent writers know to work in just enough detail to create ambience, whilst also pushing on the story.Walliams produces reasonably imaginative stories nothing to write home about but would be better off working with a ghost writer and a better editor.

  2. K. J. Noyes K. J. Noyes says:

    This is one of my favourite Walliams books, a rather sad story about a father and son missing their mum wife, living hand to mouth and with handmade birthday gifts, trying to find happiness through wealth, but finding in the end it s their love for each other that s the most important thing.And of course, it s also hilarious Mr Spud invents a wildly popular new loo roll Bum Fresh wet on one side, dry on the other and he and his son Joe can light 50 notes on fire, they are that rich Yet Joe isn t happy he has everything except the one thing he wants a friend Insisting he enrol at a regular comprehensive school as just another schoolboy, he is going to discover just what friendship should be, the power of money, and what s important to him.It is also, of course, a very funny story, with a surreally disgusting school cook and her bat sick menu, school bullies that nobody can tell apart despite one being a girl and one a boy , and lots of wonderful lists.Walliams and Lucas have a ball with the voices in this audio adaptation unabridged It s a fantastic story to share with a child in a classroom or bedroom, talking about buying friendship with money, bullying, love, parents, wanting to be rich so much to discuss.Now we ve read this, my son is keen to watch the BBC adaptation as well, which we will be doing Just love the idea of this and Walliams execution of it.

  3. M. Dowden M. Dowden says:

    David Walliams gives us here a fun tale that shows that money really doesn t buy you everything, and the importance of friends As we meet Joe Spud he is just turning twelve and is rich but lonely When he was eight his dad came up with a new toilet roll, proving that there is money to be made in Propelled into the jet set lifestyle due to its popularity so life has altered, but on the way Mrs Spud has divorced her husband and the Spuds, father and son live in a huge mansion alone with their servants.Being nouveau riche so Joe is bullied and looked down on by the other children at the posh school he attends, and persuades his dad to let him go to the local comprehensive But will Joe find happiness and friends, or will other things get in the way In all this is a good tale that is fun to read and is quite thoughtful, and should do well with children With manipulation and money grabbers this shows what can happen when you suddenly become very rich Illustrated throughout we also hear from Raj here and when he was wealthier One thing is for sure though and that is money does not make you necessarily happy or means you have any really true friends, just those who are after a handout.

  4. Z.F. Z.F. says:

    Recommended by my nephew, who I speak to you every weekend I like to have something that we can chat about together especially something that will make him laugh.Billionaire Boy Is a really funny book, with morals to the story cleverly woven in so that it doesn t feel preachy, but a perceptive child with a good heart which most of them are , will pick up on Many of David Walliams jokes have had me laughing out loud Still relatable in terms of school days even in my 40s I d say this is definitely a book suitable for all ages, which will provide a lot of enjoyment for adults and children alike I will no doubt read of his books in the future, based on my experience with this one.

  5. giki giki says:

    both my kids have read this 7 9 , they loved it and fund it very very funny They kept telling me wee stories about the things that they read it has really fired up their imagination David Walliams really does seem to have a knack for these kind of books My son 9 was not that fussed about reading a few months ago he much prefered screen time but since I bought him a load of DW books it has all turned around he reads as soon as he gets home from school and goes to bed earlier to read I love to see my kids wih their nose in a book.