Stuart Milligan Reads This Thrilling Adventure Featuring The Ninth Doctor, Rose And Captain Jack The Novrosk Peninsula The Soviet Naval Base Has Been Abandoned, The Nuclear Submarines Are Rusting And Rotting Cold, Isolated, ForgottenUntil The Russian Special Forces Arrive And Discover That The Doctor And His Companions Are Here Too But There Is Something Else In Novrosk Something That Pre Dates Even The Stone Circle On The Cliff Top Something That Is At Last Waking, Hunting, Killing Can The Doctor And His Friends Stay Alive Long Enough To Learn The Truth With Time Running Out, They Must Discover Who Is Really Responsible For The Deviant StrainFeaturing The Doctor As Played By Christopher Eccleston, Together With Rose And Captain Jack As Played By Billie Piper And John Barrowman In The Hit Series From BBC Television The Doctor Who books are great for a quick read and filling in a storyline between episodes, fantastic and brilliant My teen daughter loved it Boring This story features the Doctor, as played by Christopher Eccleston, with Captain Jack Harkness and Rose Tyler Responding to a distress signal, the Tardis and its team find themselves in the Novrosk Peninsula in deep, dark Russia There they meet up with a team of special soldiers under Colonel Levin, also under his own orders from the military hierarchy to investigate an energy spike before the Americans try to find out what s happening But something may be waiting for them when they get there is it the Vourdulak This is a great story a great sci fi alien monsters in the woods story, as well as a great Doctor Who story The post Cold War Russia environment is written very empathetically, yet I would imagine fairly accurately Definitely recommended the characterisations are all spot on, there is plenty of action as well as great use of the three main characters and the episode s characters. well used but ok This is my first dip into the Ninth Doctor books and it feels very much like a TV tie in than the books we had while the series wasnt on TV The books seem to have gone for a vaguely novella style as while the page count is the norm the font is quite large Justin Richards has gone for a fairly action orientated book which means as soon as the location and characters are introduced its straight into the action.An alien SOS signal draws the TARDIS to an isolated village and naval base in Russia Mysterious deaths have occurred which have drawn the attention of the military who join up with The Doctor and co The tension is soon raised as the obligatory monsters arrive resulting in deaths as the bodycount rises The problems of the book arrive as we get into the second half as it tends to get samey as characters are chased by blobs for the most part But if you plough through the second half in a single sitting this isnt much of a problem.This is my first taste of this Doctor in print and this medium suits him well The lonely survivor of the time war who doesnt let people get close to him fits in well amoungst the isolated community and scientists Rose is shown to be quite brave and a good amount of action and characterisation however Capatain Jack stands out the most Hes given a good bit of depth considering his character is 90% actors charisma He manages to hold the majority of the action when The Doctor gets on with investigating.To sum up its a fairly light book that youll whizz through in a few sittings Nice characterisation and a good bit of action, although it does get samey Id have preferred a bit oomph and bite which would have raised the book above standard Although as it reads it is a good solid little read. Was dubious about going back to the 9th Dr and Rose, but this was a pleasant surprise Good story that plods along at a good pace, kept me interested from the start Had to keep reminding myself Jack is mortal