Read By David Walliams Another Hilarious And Moving Novel From David Walliams, Number One Best Seller And Fastest Growing Children S Author In The Country A Story Of Prejudice And Acceptance, Funny Lists And Silly Words, This New Audiobook Has All The Hallmarks Of David S Previous Best Sellers Our Hero Ben Is Bored Beyond Belief After He Is Made To Stay At His Grandma S House She S The Boringest Grandma Ever All She Wants To Do Is To Play Scrabble, And Eat Cabbage Soup But There Are Two Things Ben Doesn T Know About His Grandma She Was Once An International Jewel Thief All Her Life, She Has Been Plotting To Steal The Crown Jewels, And Now She Needs Ben S Help

8 thoughts on “Gangsta Granny

  1. Pipkin Pipkin says:

    I have always read to my Grandsons, 3 and 8 when they come to stay, but now my eight year old and I read a chapter each, and this book had us in absolute stitches.However, it became very dark when we realised Granny had cancer and was going to die We were both in tears, but it gave us the opportunity to discuss illness in older people and death, and to say all the things we could ever need to say.He was always appreciative of Granpa and me but now even so for as long as it lasts.I would really recommend this book to everyone with 7 8 year olds.

  2. J. Ang J. Ang says:

    Having read three other children s books by David Walliams, I have become familiar with his brand of irreverent humour and at times, both fun and shocking perspectives that some children s authors would shy away from.This novel is no different in spirit and features as in the other books, a young child, in this case, 11 year old Ben, an only child who nonetheless feels neglected by his parents They seem interested in the celebrity dance competitions on tv than in him They ship him off periodically on Friday nights with his flatulent cabbage loving granny, to drive off to spend the night watching the programme live Ben thinks granny is boring and resents having to stay with her, but one day he stumbles on her secret past as an international jewel thief and all that changes.While some bits were a little predictable, this turned out to be one of the heartwarming stories in the series, not least because of the bond between Ben and his granny Fans of Walliams s books will be thrilled to see Raj, the enterprising newsagent, a constant in most of the books as well, and oh, a British royalty makes a cameo appearance as well Not the strongest I ve read, but still enjoyable and would likely entertain the young and the young at heart.

  3. B. M. Guy B. M. Guy says:

    This is the first David Walliams book I have written, I could not put it down and both me and my wife enjoyed it very much.We are both in our seventies and David s observation and understanding of older people is amazing I was under the impression that David Walliams was a children s writer, but this book is very funny sometimes thought provoking and should be available to all ages.

  4. Bookworm Bookworm says:

    This and two other David Walliams books will make a nine year old boy very happy, and hopefully give him and his parents a break from the Wii and the xBox I love the fact that David s books appeal to modern kids without being patronising And plenty of humour too

  5. mosaic mosaic says:

    My seven year old son was practically begging me to buy him this book after one of the children in his class had brought it to school He was so happy when it arrived as if he had received the newest video game and started reading it immediately We found the best way to read it was with me sitting next to him, so I could help him with the words he didn t recognise This book is great for vocabulary building as it contains quite a few unfamiliar less common but very useful words It s really funny and I can see why kids love it I found myself laughing out loud throughout the book People who say it s ageist and childish see one star reviews have no sense of humour On the strength of this book, I ll denifinitely be buying all the other David Walliams books written for children.

  6. chris painter chris painter says:

    I have been reading this to my grandchildren , the first time I read it ,I had to read it from cover to cover in one session as they loved it so much.The story is about a little boy who goes to his grandmothers every Friday while his parents go ballroom dancing ,he really hates going to his granny s he says she stinks of cabbage and she is boring.Then one day there are a turn of events and finds out his granny is not so boring after all, she is actually a jewel thief.This is a great story and children will love it

  7. BTH BTH says:

    I bought this book for my granddaughter as a future read I did not read it first, should have , as I ve been informed the Granny dies, so it has been put on hold until we feel she s ready to read it I only went on radio interview with author.

  8. Mister Jones Mister Jones says:

    We read this book in our Year 4 class.It was 5 stars because it was interesting and funny, especially her farts We also learnt a bit about plumbing.We disliked the ending because it was a bit sad We like it because Granny told some good stories and we found out that the queen was actually quite funny There is also some good scrabble playing.This book would be good for people who like reading longer stories as well as Ganstas.It is also a good book for teachers because it shows that not all Grannys are boring.It is good for people who like adventures and mysteries.Grannys could read it to their grandchildren.The ending was funny but sad and it is a really amazing book.