Terrific Even with a plastic book cover Very new. Somebody S Interfering With Time The Doctor, Rose And Captain Jack Arrive On Modern Day Earth To Find The Culprit And Discover A Neanderthal Man, Twenty Eight Thousand Years After His Race Became Extinct Only A Trip Back To The Primeval Dawn Of Humanity Can Solve The Mystery Who Are The Mysterious Humans From The Distant Future Now Living In The Distant Past What Hideous Monsters Are Trying To Escape From Behind The Grey Door Is Rose Going To End Up Married To A Caveman Caught Between Three Very Different Types Of Human Being Past, Present And Future The Doctor, Rose And Captain Jack Must Learn The Truth Behind The Osterberg Experiment Before The Monstrous Hy Bractors Escape To Change Humanity S History Forever This is the first book i have read in about 7 years This is the book that has got me back into reading Gareth Roberts really captured christopher s doctor and Rose perfectly and reading this book was like watching an actual televised episode I found it difficult to put the book down and am very sad that it ended This Author and this story are the perfect choice to represent Eccleston for the 50th anniversary Also at 5.75 this was a bargain In shops it is 7.99 The book is well worth 7.99 but s price is fantastic. Great story A fantastic read, pun intended fantastic is the ninth doctor s catchphrase , and is truly good enough to be an episode of doctor who There should be adventures featuring the ninth doctor, Rose and Captain Jack Baroness for doctor who fans like myself. Well written and good story for all who fans a little predictable but still good Read whole thing very quickly which tells you something. A novel that s both pretty good, and intensely irritating On the plus side, Roberts nails the 9th Doctor and Rose, and that s half the job when writing these tie in novels Watching those two characters bounce around is a great deal of fun The primary plot is also interesting and well conceived, with splashes of family friendly body horror perking up a tale of mad science and human improvement However, the novel collapses into the most irksome drivel when the sub plots surrounding primitive homo sapiens and neanderthals rear their heads The decision to write these characters as modern families in furs is neither particularly funny nor terribly illuminating, and they drag down a promising bit of tomfoolery. Loved this book, and as I ve been saddened by the recent social media storm and the dropping of Gareth Roberts by the Beeb, I d like to say that his humour, warmth and humanity are highly valued by this whovian The unicorn and the wasp is an all time favorite episode of mine, as a fellow Christie fan.