This book is, in my opinion, the best version for those in Year 9 10 It has definitions of words phrases that you are unsure on the left side of the text Very helful when reading in class to further develop your understanding of Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet.Highly Recommend Shakespeare S Celebrated Tragedy Made Accessible As Drama For Younger Listeners Whilst Remaining True To The Bard S Verse And Vocabulary What Could Be Worse Than Falling In Love With Your Enemy Romeo Montague Thinks He S In Love Until He Meets Juliet Capulet With Her, He Discovers What True Love Really Feels Like But Their Two Families Are Bitter Rivals, And No One Must Know About Their Secret Passion When Romeo Kills Juliet S Cousin In A Brawl, Their Hopes Of Happiness Seem Doomed Can Friar Laurence Use Their Love To Reconcile The Two Families, Or Will His Plans Bring Further Tragedy This is another book that I brought for my daughter to read as, she need for school We love William Sheakspear I probably didn t spell it right, but that s okey he a very good playwriting, it very touching about Romoe and Juliet of young people loving each otherwith all perils going in there life , with two family do not get on Excellent Thanks wordsworth classic are always great paperback editions, i be honest i haven t read it yet so no spoilers but the print looks great hopefully my brain can understaffed my teacher said go wisely and slowly, those who rush stumble and fall I hate this story Lots of things just don t go make sense How could parents think it s ok for 12 year old girl to marry a 40 year old count Then the young adolescents elope and die without thinking much It s a classic but senseless in the true point of things. Needed this for school Very good value and helpful contextual notes However print is small and paper is thin I would not recommending highlighting annotating this because it will show through to the next page But excellent value if you just want to read it As a GCSE English teacher, I can not recommend this product enough Yes, you can view the content for free on the Sparknotes website, but when it comes to revision, actually having the text in front of you works best I love the modern translation alongside the Shakespearian language Works so, so well. I know it s incredibly cheap but the paper is so thin it s almost dangerous to turn the pages for fear of tearing it The pages are also a light brown or yellow colour, not white My daughter needed this for school she needed to be able to annotate the pages I wouldn t try to write on this a pencil or biro would just go through the page Any liquid ink would soak in like a blotter I know you get what you pay for but even this is poor.