This Story Is Based On The Factual Ills Of White Rapper And Hip Hop Phenomenon, Eminem Shady Bizzness Tells About Real Life Events Of His Public And Private Lifestyle The Book Details The Good Times, Hardships, Drug Abuse, Domestic Violence, Scandals, Sex, Near Death Experiences, Murder, Oppression Of Employees, And Bitter Betrayal Shady Bizzness Is Everything A Parent Despises, Thugs Love, Groupies Lust Over, And Wives Hate Shady Bizzness Platform Williams Has A Platform Of , Fans World Wide Via You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Internet And International Book Sales Since The Year His Fan Club Continues To Grow Daily As Each Generation Discovers The Existence Of Eminem And His Timeless Music Lastly, Williams Has Produced And Appeared In Several Eminem Documentaries World Wide

8 thoughts on “Shady Bizzness' Life as Eminem's Bodyguard in an Industry of Paper Gangsters

  1. TTO TTO says:

    I cannot comment on the content of this book as it is a present for my Son.I can say that the print quality is shocking almost unreadable in places.Very faint and small crammed together text.Very expensive for such a low quality book in terms of physical quality, ie Print and paper etc

  2. Nino Brown Nino Brown says:

    Insight to all the mess associated with Eminemdetails all fron a bodyguatds perspective A very exciting and interesting read.Definitely recommend.

  3. Customer Customer says:

    Liked it You can interpret the validity or his story and understand the artist is often the puppet in a complex play.Good on you for going alone despite the barriers forced upon you.

  4. Mr. C Mr. C says:

    complemented the 2h interviewthe condition of the book was just as described by the seller

  5. Karen Andrew Karen Andrew says:

    I did enjoy this book, but because I m an Eminem fan and liked the goings on of Eminem on the road but got slightly fed up of reading about a 1200 a week salary and Paul and Slim almost as if they were one person Paul and Slim did this Paul and Slim said that Was a constant dissing to Paul, as far as I am aware he is still Eminem s manager, so can t be doing too much wrong

  6. DM DM says:

    good book eminem life told by his bodyguard

  7. Chico Rodireguez Chico Rodireguez says:

    Great book, well written and a real eye opener on the dealings of the Shady one himself It made me laugh to find out Marshall is from over 20miles outside Detroit particularly after the way he slagged ICP for that exact same reason for claiming they too were from Detroit.

  8. Skinfull Skinfull says:

    Good book and shows you the other side of the hip hop lifestyle these guys brag about in their songs It s not all fat asses and champagne after all