It S The Rd Century And At Age Your Life Is Over Logan Has Been Trained To Kill Born And Bred From Conception To Be The Best Of The Best But His Time Is Short And Before His Life Ends He S Got One Final Mission Find And Destroy Sanctuary, A Fabled Haven For Those That Chose To Defy The System But When Logan Meets And Falls In Love With Jessica, He Begins To Question The Very System He Swore To Protect And Soon They Re Both Running For Their Lives When Last Day Comes, Will You Lie Down And Die Or Run I was pleased to see this collected graphic novel available from through the Kindle marketplace The pleasure didn t last long after downloading it The image quality was appalling The resolution was so low, the text was impossible to read and there was no way to magnify the incredibly small images Needless to say, I requested a refund from immediately.The comics are available for download through the Comixology app for the iphone The resolution is MUCH higher and you can zoom in for frame by frame detail Although it is expensive to buy them this way, if you are a fan of Logan s Run, this is the only way to go, aside from purchasing the physical books. only one star, it is not the novel but a cartoon strip, this is no use for the kindle, cannot be magnified, very small print even on the PC reader.buyer beware The graphics were good but the storyline didn t do it for me As a fan of the original Logan s Run,I really expected. This is not actually the novel that they based the 1976 film on, but rather a comic book It looks like the novel is not yet available in ebook form. Unsuitable for Kindle as not a novel but a cartoon strip Could be made clearer in the description Would not recommend for purchase on Kindle.