Another classic from David Walliams His imagination is a wonder and his books are getting kids reading again No wonder he is described as the Roald Dahl of our generation Top read. I myself,love David walliams sense of humour, and on reading the children s book granpas great escape also by Walliams which made me, my son, and daughter laugh and also a tear to my eye We purchased Ratburger, again fully enjoyable, and fully invested our imaginations and empathy with the characters The references and illustrations are really unique Would recommend. Bought this book from a third party seller called Rory Allin Books I thought it was going to be a used book but fantastically I got a brand new copy in the post Love all of David Walliams books great for children and adult alike Many thanks I bought his for my nephew who is 6 years old I am a great fan of David Walliams and after reading the synopsis I was convinced that the humour would appeal to my nephew I was right, he thoroughly enjoyed the book as did his mum although both were concerned mid story of the outcome of Armitage the rat Both my sister and I are great fans of Roald Dahl after reading his books as children and again as adults and neither of us thought that David Walliams was up there with him when it came to humour and story telling However Walliams did offer lots of laughs and also provided a story with emotional weight with some genuine moral fibre Some of the humour went over my nephews head he asked who is Piers Morgan but that made me giggle I loved the shopkeeper Great name for a rat too This story is great if you are looking for inspiration for writing a story Despite receiving several books written by David Walliams this is the one I have enjoyed the most.The story line is creative and enjoyable All the characters have their own personalities that show throughout the story I can relate each character in the book to a teacher in my school I believe that this make the story humorous.If you are considering buying this book or if it is the first time of seeing it I would highly recommend it for all ages This is the book that stands out for me in all of David Walliams books This was purchased as a gift for my friend s 9 year old so I haven t read the book myself I m assured that it s an excellent read and is hilarious He s a huge fan of David Walliams writing and this book is no exception It s really nice to see an author encouraging boys of this age to read and engage with books for pleasure. Such a funny book, my two kids love it They love David Walliams books and this one is great It is not too long and I would say perfect for 7 years up. Winner Children S Book Of The Year Specsavers National Book Awards The Fifth Screamingly Funny Novel From David Walliams, Number One Best Seller And Fastest Growing Children S Author In The Country Hot On The Heels Of Best Selling Gangsta Granny Comes Another Hilarious, Action Packed And Touching Novel The Story Of A Little Girl Called Zoe Things Are Not Looking Good For Zoe Her Stepmother Sheila Is So Lazy She Gets Zoe To Pick Her Nose For Her The School Bully Tina Trotts Makes Her Life A Misery Mainly By Flobbing On Her Head And Now The Evil Burt From Burt S Burgers Is After Her Pet Rat And Guess What He Wants To Do With It The Clue Is In The Title From The Author That Is Being Called A New Roald Dahl , Ratburger Is Not To Be Missed