Drawing From Reams Of Historical Data, Laboratory Experiments, Field Research, And Eyewitness Accounts, This Comprehensive Guide Is The Only Book You Ll Need To Face The Greatest Challenge Mankind Has Ever Encountered Granted, You Probably Already Know That Skills Such As Wilderness Survival, Leadership, And Basic First Aid Are Important When Fighting Off Hordes Of The Undead But The Zombie Survival Guide Doesn T Stop There, Teaching You How To Identify Cases Of Infection By The Zombie Virus, Solanum, And Recognize The Hourly Progression Of Symptoms Hour Numbing Of Extremities And Infected Area, Increased Fever Degrees , Increased Dementia, Loss Of Muscular Coordination Choose The Right Weapon A Section Of Lead Pipe Will Work For A Single Encounter But Is Too Heavy For Those On The Move Defend Your Home A Ten Foot Cinder Block Wall, Reinforced With Steel Rods And Filled With Concrete, Is The Safest Barrier In Both Class And Class Outbreaks And Much The Zombie Survival Guide Is The Only Guide You Will Need To Survive A Most Certain Pandemic Ignorance Is The Undead S Strongest Ally, Knowledge Their Deadliest Enemy, Brooks Writes Personal Choice, The Will To Live, Must Be Paramount When The Dead Begin To Rise The Choice Is Up To You

6 thoughts on “The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead

  1. Bishmanrock Bishmanrock says:

    Only last week did I encounter a gaggle of zombies whilst walking home I utilized everything from this book to use and managed to flee to safety.If you re looking for a book about killing zombies, you re in the wrong place This is a zombie survival guide and, rightfully so, the guide itself states that the best tactic is to avoid them altogether, giving handy advice such as destroying the stairs Zombies will never find their way up Also running the bath Keep a fresh supply of water for the future.No, this isn t a book about killing zombies although it does touch upon that This is a book about surviving a zombie invasion from just a small village takeover through to apocalypse , and as such goes through how to prepare and to survive.No zombies yet, but I ll be damned if I make the mistake of rebuilding my stairs any time soon.

  2. P. Kay P. Kay says:

    World War Z was a great book, but this distillation of how to survive a zombie apocalypse disposes of the progressive story telling through vignettes, into an unsatisfactory quasi non fiction guidebook.Unfortunately the book is far too serious to be humour, and not serious enough for a genuine survival guide some of the sections on weapons and travel are flat out wrong There s repetition of material, and no real end point to the book As a guide to drop in or out of it just about passes, but there must be better ways to spend your money.

  3. Sofia R. Sofia R. says:

    You may be wondering why anyone would spend money on a book that teaches you how to survive a zombie outbreak Maybe, on the contrary, this makes all the sense in the world to you, and if so, feel free to skip my little paragraph on background To the former, I assure you I am not crazy Do read on.I have spent many nights in my life suffering from insomnia I ve tried everything from medication to self relaxation techniques, but when it hits you hard, there s little you can do but wait until sleep arrives As I m usually too tired to read or watch videos, I resort to leaving my mind free to wander to whatever it feels like at the moment As it turns out, zombies are often the subject of my late night musings I ve spent countless hours wondering what I would do in the case of a zombie outbreak where I would go to, how I would get there, what kind of supplies I would need to survive, etc I m not even sure why I don t particularly care for zombie fiction or even actually believe in them but there you have it Finally, I did what I always do with my obsessions find books written on the subject And that s how I came across this one.This is a small, but comprehensive guide against the living dead, that covers everything from symptoms and how to recognize an outbreak , to weapons, to types of terrain, to starting over in the case of a complete zombie domination It is by no means a detailed guide, since most topics only get a superficial treatment, and I doubt it would be enough in the case of an actual outbreak but it s a start.A little piece of advice If, like me, you re thinking about getting this book in order to feel a bit prepared and less obsessed with zombie attacks Don t pick it up Really I actually had nightmares with zombies while reading this book talk about being suggestible and I couldn t stop obsessing at how ill prepared I was for dealing with an undead attack In the end, my advice would be to live life to the fullest until the zombies come out Because chances are you won t be able to survive.If you want a fighting chance, though This is a good place to start.

  4. Kev Kev says:

    This book is what it is Written as a proper survival guide on things to do if one day we woke up and realised where we live had turned into zombieland Its an entertaining read that lets you briefly escape reality while you are immersed in it but once read, it kinda gives you some quiet confidence in the back of your mind that if you are watching a zombie film or you get into one of those what if a zombie outbreak happened conversations with your mates, you are armed with a lot of knowledge and know you will outlast anyone who hasn t read this book It would be quite amusing, and im speaking in a fantasy world type scenario here that if such a thing happened as im sure if all us survivors got together and we had a show of hands as to who has read this book, 99% would raise their hands.All in all its a useful informative book for something thats never going to happen In reality, its an entertaining read if you enjoy anything zombie related.

  5. Beck77 Beck77 says:

    I love this, it s hilarious There s a review on the back that says something like at first you just read it and giggle but by page 50 you re looking into stockpiling food and buying a machetescarily that s kinda true I am confident that if you liked World War Z forget the movie, read the book, it s ace then you should like this I will warn you though, I am a HUGE zombie fan, a Sort of believer that there could be an apocalypse one day and I like mockumentory type programmes so this is right up my street, it may not be for everyone My advice Get a second hand, cheap as possible copy and give it a go.

  6. Tiptop Tiptop says:

    The Zombie Survival Guide is a superb, highly detailed book about surviving a Zombie outbreak which is not a matter if , just when It is an entertaining and methodically researched book leaving you with all the knowledge and tools to survive an outbreak when it happens Nicely blurring the lines between potential fact and fiction, you ll end up racing through the book wanting to know It s a lot of fun and a real page turner.For those of us that enjoy a serious and detailed geeky approach to our fiction, this really hits the nail on the head and does make you consider your options A fun, entertaining and well thought out book, which I highly recommend.