Stick Man Lives In The Family Tree With His Stick Lady Love And Their Stick Children Three But It S Dangerous Being A Stick Man A Dog Wants To Play With Him, A Swan Builds Her Nest With Him He Even Ends Up On A Fire Will He Ever Get Back To The Family Tree Brilliantly Performed By Award Winning Actress Imelda Staunton, This Audio Download Includes The Complete, Best Selling Story With Music, The Stick Man Song, A Listening Game, And A Readalong Version Of The Story With Musical Page Turns To Use With A Copy Of The Book

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  1. Mary Fairy 17 Mary Fairy 17 says:

    Storyline Stick man goes for a jog one day and on his journey he visits many places e.g a beach, park and river where he comes across danger The story is based upon what the stick man could be used as e.g a throwing stick for a dog or a bow or a pen Towards the end it s Christmas and snows, then the stick man is reunited with his family in their tree.Purchased as it was on my reading list for my Teaching training course at university specialising in early years It has been an invaluable resources for use in the early years classroom on teaching placements As with this well respected and loved children s author, Julia Donaldson, this is a great book with a good story line It is so versatile and can be enjoyed by many ages It is really easy to engage with as there are so many possible themes in the story about not only the festive season, christmas, but with having loving family, emotions, safety, nature forest school sticks and also about using items for their purpose.This book can be used a stimulus for many activities or discussion points including encouraging the use of rhyming words strings creating items using sticks the importance of family, relationships and love which could lead onto how am i special and who is special to me emotions, in particular recognizing the changing emotions throughout learning about possible dangers of the world and understanding how scary it could be to be lost or away from family The CD is a great added extra and can be used to entice the children into the story It would be great to be used in the car along with other Julia Donaldson stories.Would recommend to any early years teacher or parent.Equally good books of Julia Donaldsons include The Snail and the Whale Book and CD Pack Book CD Tiddler book and CD

  2. MrsK MrsK says:

    Stick Man is another Julia Donaldson book which is one of my 2 year old s favourite bedtime stories.It is the story of a stick man who is separated from his family, when he goes for a jog and is picked up by a dog He then ends up on all sorts of adventures, with the reader wondering if he will ever get home.My daughter is not a particularly sensitive child and like most 2 year olds, just takes things as they come, but she did seem a bit worried about Stick Man being away from his family the first time we read this This is despite lovingMonkey Puzzleby the same author, which is a similar theme of separation Once we d read through once and she saw the outcome of the book, she relaxed and now asks for it regularly.The story rhymes and flows nicely It s not too long, so holds my daughter s attention well My daughter loves shouting I m Stick Man, I m Stick Man along with the story and it s been read so often she can recite some parts of the story It also has a bit of a Christmas twist at the end, so may be a good one to read around that time of year.

  3. L.P L.P says:

    Daughter loves this story but unfortunately a few of the pages are like this so for a little girl learning to read this is upsetting for her and me when it was bought as a present.

  4. ❤️🦊❤️Fantastic Mrs Fox❤️🦊❤️ ❤️🦊❤️Fantastic Mrs Fox❤️🦊❤️ says:

    Stick Man loves his lady love and children, his journey begins when he s picked up and throw for a dog, all he can think about is his lady love, and stick children and longs to be home He is a master at escaping,His final adventure see s him on a pile of wood ready to warm up a family home.An action pack mesmerising story with a perfectly happy ever after ending.I bought this book sometime ago for my then 5 year old, and almost two years on and still adores this delightful and very enchanting stick man story I bought this book again this time hard back for a friends child, who was as delighted with the stick mans adventures and wonderful illustrations.This came well packaged , with a super quick delivery.Thank you for reading please click helpful.

  5. questril questril says:

    This book tunes into children s fascination with sticks and the many things you can use them for This story has been televised and so is quite familiar to many children I have used it as basis for themes at Forest School, using it for story telling, making up own stories and making stick family tree The book looks at how it feels to be lost and the joy on being reunited with your family.

  6. Fiona Raphael Fiona Raphael says:

    My Grandson loves the story and especially when Sir Derek Jacobi reads it on CBBC Bedtime so I wanted to buy it to share with him The best books for a toddler developing their fine motor skills are board books He loves listening to adults reading it to him and it s robust enough when he sits and reads it to himself.

  7. EWardle EWardle says:

    Such a lovely book I bought the hardback copy and it s a cardboard book, but it s not a baby book, just durable My kids love it as well as the programme, it s the first book my one year old will sit and listen to without trying to rip it out of my hands

  8. Matt Matt says:

    This is a fun childrens book with adventure and exploration The art work is as good as you would expect from a Julia Donaldson Axel Schaeffer book with lively colourful pictures and plenty of details.The writing is clever and imaginative, again being structured to rhyme and make the book easy to follow for young children.The only reason i have given it 4 stars is because unlike in the gruffalo books the charactors do not come out so lovable or interesting, i found that my son is not as bothered by the predicaments of stickman as he is by the gruffalo or the witch in room on the broom.Overall this is a good quality book for children.