Despite His Fianc E S Betrayal, Developer Ryan Beardsley Provided For Kelly When He Sent Her Packing So He S Livid To Find Her Working In A Dingy Diner, Desperate And Pregnant Whether The Baby Is His Or His Brother S Ryan Demands That Kelly Return To New York With Him For The Baby S Sake Or Maybe Because Kelly Is As Irresistible As Ever

8 thoughts on “Wanted by Her Lost Love

  1. Thor Thor says:

    These stories are written by women, so why do they write scenarios, of women with serious medical condition happily participating in rampant and frequent sex Pre eclampsia, means high blood pressure, sex raises the blood pressure I even read one recently of a woman, after an caesarian, having sex after 4 weeks Now I have had my rant if you can get over that stupidity The story, though part of a sequel, is worth the read.

  2. bookwormham bookwormham says:

    This one was a real heartstrings puller A well written romance with some wonderful characters I hope to read in this series by this superb author

  3. Mrs H Mrs H says:

    this is worth a read,well written again by maya banks ,wish real life was like this, you will enjoy it

  4. Love Reading Love Reading says:

    I ve read a few of Maya Banks books and the only one I kind of enjoyed reading was The Mistress The heroine in this book was weak, hated that Spoiler I get that she still loved him still but man, I was really really hoping that she ll be alot stronger and remember that he didn t believe her about his brother and then he paid her off I also get that they ll end up sorting it all out, but instead of holding out a bit longer and sleeps with the H a couple days later, so annoying Why would you write the h as a weak character, at the beginning you make them out as strong women, but as soon as they see the H their brain ends up like mush, they start tingling down below.cue the loud sigh and the eyeroll I ve read alot of books wild guess of just under 400 books and I can count on both hands the books I ve read on strong heroines, mentally as well as physically, heroines that didn t melt into a puddle so to speak, as soon as the H walks into the room etc and most of these books were Historical romance books So sad and annoying

  5. Pudding 1950 Pudding 1950 says:

    You might ask yourself why I gave this book five stars..the answer is I just had to To re this book started out so o o slow It was boring and I was grinding my teeth as I made myself read it I thought I had heard of this author.good reports, but I wasn t feeling it I wrote down the hero and heroines names I am 63 years old and I read a lot Quite often I inhale a book and five minutes after completion may not remember the names of even the H h So I wrote down Ryan Kelly s names for this review Then I noticed the change in the tone of the story I looked down attentivelypage46 And I was reading a STORY.A GOOD STORY I don t think I have run into many mothers like Ryan s Jarrod was almost as bad as his mom, especially considering that Ryan acted like a father to him I think that Ryan Kelly really suffered for their love, but they also learned a lot and came out stronger for what they went through A previous review mentioned how much groveling RYan had to do Although I believe that it was right for him to beg forgiveness, I also feel that Kelly showed good wisdom and compassion Although many times we are hurt the most by those closest to us, this mother and brother were off the chain I recommend this will join my keeper re reads I will also start looking for other books by Maya Banks.

  6. Nicole H. Vela Nicole H. Vela says:

    Ryan Beardsley believes he was wronged by his fiancee, successful and wealthy beyond belief..he casts her off with a check in hand Why hadn t he forgotten her, God know he has by betrayed and has gotten rid of the deceitful woman, so why is she holding her payday He us completely thrown for a loop when he finds her working and pregnant Kelly Christian is trying to survive the best way she can..she betrayed no one and pride keeps her from taking blood money.She still loves her baby daddy and seeing awakens her desire and as much as she would love to deny it she loves him Can the true set them both free and can they just love themselves long enough to recognize what they have together This book is fantastic

  7. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Maya Banks has written some stories that can really burn my biscuit Other stories she has written are very touching This story is a bit of both The guy is a tool who tosses his fiancee out because he believes her unfaithful based on his brother s word alone Bam, slam, she s gone Months later, a little concern for her sets in, and he goes looking for her Thus begins the angst fest because he finds her in poor health and very pregnant The story is pure schlock, but it is interesting and hard to put down.

  8. FCJ FCJ says:

    This is the second book I ve read from this author and I m beginning to wonder where I ve been that I haven t picked up one of her books before I love her work I read The Mistress first and it s now one of my favorites The only reason I didn t give this book 5 stars is that there was really no foundation for why Ryan went from believing Kelly slept with his brother to believing that she didn t Suddenly he just knew she was telling the truth That was a bit of a stretch for me If he had seen some hospital records about the bruises she had when Jarrod tried to rape her, or maybe the doorman told him how battered she was that night, it would have been believable that he now believed her version Maybe it s a little picky, but this whole issue was what the story revolved around, so how it got resolved was important Thank you Ms Banks for your work I plan to read