Hold On To Your Broom For Magical Mayhem Lovable But Disaster Prone Mildred Hubble Is A Trainee At Miss Cackle S Academy For Witches, But She S Making An Awful Mess Of It She Keeps Getting Her Spells Wrong And Crashing Her Broomstick Yet She Manages To Get By Until She Turns Ethel, The Teacher S Pet, Into Her Deadly Enemy And Chaos Ensues

7 thoughts on “The Worst Witch: The Worst Witch, Book 1

  1. K. J. Noyes K. J. Noyes says:

    My 8 year old boy seemed HORRIFIED when we started reading and he realised it was a GIRLS school We ve read 4 of the Harry Potter books so he s used to long and much complicated genre examples, but after getting a 100 books you must read poster with Jill Murphy s series on it, he was desperate to be able to cross it off So we persisted, my bookworm and I.And he now will not be objecting should I find any of the series in the library I think he quickly took to Mildred Hubble, accident prone rookie witch, with a Draco like enemy in Enid, Snape like Professor in Miss Hardbroom, best Ron friend Maud and even a Head that could be compared to the twinkle eyed Dumbledore.Right away, we enter the world of a magical school, complete with Potions lessons focusing on changing form, broomstick riding and the ceremony of receiving your black kitten.Mildred is very human, she s messy and forgetful, a trier, a kind friend And in this mini adventure that culminates with a disastrous sabotaged Halloween display, a huge coincidence allows Mildred to save face and the school at the same time.I loved being taken back in time thirty years to when I read this first Very simple, yes, but charming and at the time, the only book about magic and a MAGIC SCHOOL I d come across This is a gateway into Potter potentially, and a wonderful series with some great good vs bad child friendly characters.Murphy is a superb illustrator as well, and her black and white drawings have stood the test of time, not needing to be re imagined as Rowling s books have many times over I ve just bought a copy to give to a friend for her 8th birthday and I m pretty confident that it will be read in bed under the covers and treasured.For ages 7 10, and anyone my age who wants to relive their childhood a little

  2. Rani Rani says:

    Watching The Worst Witch on TV 1998 2001 after school with my little sister was one of my favourite things to do as a kid, so when I saw this was on sale nostalgia had me purchasing it.Overall the story was cute, perfect for young kids not yet ready for Harry Potter, but honestly, I wasn t captivated by the story and I really wanted to be It s a nice easy read, but for me the world the author cultivated was a tad too simplistic in its depiction and the writing didn t weave an intricate spell over me I m going to keep it on my kindle to read to my very young cousins but won t be re reading it for pleasure myself.My favourite part of the book has to be the illustrations they were charming and had me potently visualising the characters the key reason why I have given this book 3 stars rather than 2.5 stars.99p on 14th September 2019.

  3. Arachne202 Arachne202 says:

    I was very into stories about schools for little witches as a child, and there were a lot of them then Spell Me A Witch by Barbara Willard, The Little Broomstick by Mary Stewart, The Witch Family by Eleanor Estes, and a boy wizard appears in Which Witch by Eva Ibbotson But I was especially fond of The Worst Witch , partly because the pen and ink illustrations on almost every page are full of such personality the tabby kitten splayed out on the end of the broomstick with its eyes closed, hanging on for dear life, still cracks me up and partly because, unlike in the other writers stories, the heroine Mildred is not clever or talented or a chosen one or brilliant at magic She s actually very bad at magic, and leaves well meaning havoc in her wake everywhere she goes Yet generally, in every adventure including this one first in the series , she ends up performing some heroic deed that helps other people.I have just read it out at bedtime to my six year old daughter, who is moving into 7 years chapter books for her own reading She was fascinated with the idea of boarding school, which she has never heard of before, and she loved the idea of children being able to turn each other into pigs and frogs. wishful thinking on her part, I m assuming So I shall be getting the rest of the series.

  4. dottleddolly dottleddolly says:

    I remember watching this everyday after school, I loved it I did not realise it was a book series I am so glad it is though I asked for this via netgalley but they denied my request so I bought it straight away I read it in one sitting, well it is only 100pages long.It transported me back to my child hood I loved all of it I was pleased to see all the characters I knew and loved were there Especially Miss Bat, I love her, she is such a funny character The pictures were good, I do not know whether they have been redone since the T.V program, or if the people on the T.V show did a great job of getting actors that look very like the characters It really added to story.The book is aimed at children, but I still loved it as an adult I would definitely buy these for my future children.5 out of 5 stars.

  5. MotherGeek MotherGeek says:

    My daughter is 6, and loved this book I remember reading them myself many moons ago, and it was nice to relive them with my mini me We read a chapter a night, before bed Time for book 2 now

  6. AN AN says:

    The first book in the series is a lovely new take on magic, or at least it must have been when it was first published in the 1970s.Although this is a great example of a harmless children s book, it is still quite fun for me to read.Do I recommend the book Yes, but be careful because it is not for adults, almost too rushed even for young teens If you expect Harry Potter but only with girls, you would enjoy the story, but the lack of detail can be off putting.

  7. Emma Emma says:

    I stumbled accross this title on an 80s page I had forgotten all about these books until then I just about remember when I read these when I was younger, and though an adult now, I really wanted to read it again for a trip down memory lane It s a charming book, very well written and entertaining, even for someone of my age It s a fast paced story without any dull moments I recommend this for those who enjoyed the Harry Potter books, children and adults alike It is a quick read, but sometimes that s all it needs to be I will definitely be buying the rest of the series in due course.