Amassing Friction from a shoe purb child running righter I loathed him as a young un and, now as I read this yarn to my boy, I absshoelootly loath him ever interestingly his wife suffered with dementia and would often get her words wrong or say funny words and this is thought to have influenced the writing style of the BFG. A Great story A classic in Dahl s ouvre Some consider this work Dahl s best All the elements of his style and technique are highly developed I rather like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory better. I am unconvinced as to why this is considered a children s classic as the giants are rather grotesque and the idea of eating children is just too gross But the final plot with the queen, her butler, the BFG and our heroine was great fun. Not a fan of Dahl, after The Witches and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory both highly disturbing stories But this is different, very easily digestible, and no odd Dahlisms going on.My 5 year old daughter saw a one man performance reading of this at school and wanted the book, so I ordered it and, to my very pleasant surprise, discovered it was a good and enjoyable bedtime read Once you ve got your tongue round the way the BFG speaks that is 5 year olds are very literal though, so be prepared for some difficult questions on what happened to the nasty giants not to mention the children they ate and Dahl s bizarre understanding of size how does a 24 giant have hands bigger than an 8 year old girl, for instance, not to mention ears so vast she can hide in one minor fold of them MY 10 YEAR OLD SON REQUESTED THIS BOOK AS I HAD ALWAYS TOLD HIM THAT THE BFG WAS MY 1ST EVER BOOK THAT STARTED ME ON MY LOVE OF READING HE WANTED IT FOR SCHOOL FOR QUIET TIME, HE NOW COMES HOME EVERY DAY AND TELLS ME ABOUT WHAT PART HE HAS READ THAT DAY AND WHAT WAS FUNNY HE MAY OR MAY NOT CONTINUE TO LOVE BOOKS BUT HE HAS ENJOYED EVERY MINUTE OF THIS NOVEL I MOST DEFINITELY RECOMMEND. I bought the BFG audio book for my daughter I have to travel a far distance to pick her up for the school holidays and she gets bored in the car.She has seen the BFG film so I knew she liked the story The audio book is brilliant, we listen to it together in the car and then another four times in the week she stayed.Brilliantly read by David Walliams, he was the perfect choice to read the book My daughter now picks fault with the film saying bits are missing I highly recommend this audio book to all BFG lovers This is one of Roald Dahl s most famous books Originally bought to read for my class, I now have it at home and it s currently my daughter s bedtime reading book Can t really say much else it s written in Dahl s unique and humourous style, most people will be familiar with it Price and delivery excellent If you haven t already read it highly recommended for children my daughter is 5 and loves it , will help give depth to the film version, and a great bit of nostalgia for those of us who haven t read it in years Penguin Presents The Audiobook Edition Of The BFG By Roald Dahl, Read By David Walliams The BFG Is A Nice And Jumbly Giant In Fact, He Is The Only Big Friendly Giant In Giant Country All The Other Giants Are Big Bonecrunching Brutes, And Now The BFG And His Friend Sophie Must Stop Them Guzzling Up Little Human Beans With Some Help From Her Majester, The Queen David Walliams Is A Multi Award Winning British Comedian, Actor And Writer, Best Known For The Comedy Series Little Britain But His Acting Work Includes Plays, Dramas And Films He Is Also The Author Of Five Hugely Successful Children S Books, Including Two Illustrated By Quentin Blake Roald Dahl S Favourite Illustrator