Puffin Presents A Marvellous New Celebrity Reading Of Roald Dahl S Fantastic Mr Fox Mr Fox Steals Food From The Horrible Farmers Boggis, Bunce And Bean One Fat, One Short, One Lean These Three Crooks Concoct A Plan To Dig Mr Fox Out Of His Home, But They Don T Realise How Truly Fantastic Mr Fox Is, Or How Far He Ll Go To Save His Family

8 thoughts on “Fantastic Mr Fox

  1. Teacher teacher! Teacher teacher! says:

    I didn t particularly get Roald Dahl stories when I was younger I was of a Blyton girl so I didn t look these out to read to my boys until the BFG was on at the cinema I m a strong believer that you should read the book before you see the film, so we read the BFG before we went and we were hooked from that point This week we read Fantastic Mr Fox and the boys 6 and 9 loved it I ll definitely be buying Roald Dahl books

  2. Jay Banner Jay Banner says:

    I grew up being read many of Roald Dahl s highly entertaining and original stories each night in bed by My Mom.My favourites to this day are Fantastic Mr Fox, The Enormous Crocodile, The Twits, and George s Marvellous Medicine All of which are on My Kindle Roald Dahl is the biggest inspiration to becoming something of a poet and story writer, Myself.I can t recommend his vast array of books enough to read to all children, and even to recommend to adults unfamiliar with his work.Such a fantastic author who made My childhood entertaining.

  3. TN TN says:

    Unforgettable.Read so many times since childhood.Got and read books in its various formats to children,niece nephew alike and finally saw the play with son on the date of his tenth birthday at the Lyric theatre last year.So many unforgettable characters,so many wonderful subplots the philosophy of cycle of life with its many chains and interdependencies animals,nature,humans,food,birth,marriage,death,survival etc all encapsulated here by master storyteller RD.The show brought it to life and this cd serves to remind us that the world was made for all living things and the fox cannot be denied.

  4. Mr H! Mr H! says:

    This tale and so many others from this gifted author were such favourites of mines as a child, these books have not lost their charm and still appeal to children even today.Fantastic mister Fox tells of one fantastically clever Fox and three meaner than can be nasty Farmers, who have the sole ambition of capturing Mr Fox no matter the cost As always the author creates a world that is truly believable and a story that captures the imagination of readers of any age A 5 Star must have read and highly recommended.

  5. Rani S Rani S says:

    An excellent book I don t think I will ever forget the three mean farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean Roald Dahl s most negative characters always appear to be the most memorable The story shows the true spirit of family and holding it together during the most trying circumstances and facing adversity together The ending itself was very unexpected too as I was expecting the three farmers to come to some untimely end and not what I expected at all I couldn t help thinking that at some point the Fox, his family and his underground friends will be caught out again in the future but the story leaves that to our imagination.

  6. Jelly and Tea Jelly and Tea says:

    Beautiful colour edition Really perfect for younger children when the same old 15 page paper backs are breaking you down We read a chapter a day to my nearly 4 year old and he loved it Check the size in the details as its not entirely clear how special this book is The price much higher than the standard paperbacks should help guide you though.

  7. Mr. R. J. King Mr. R. J. King says:

    I read this book way back in the 80s when I was a young child and I loved it My kids are at an age where we can read together and have outgrown the Julia Donaldson books This was exactly the right thing to move on to I remember this book being quite long, but you could comfortably read it in under an hour with children.My kids loved it The story is classic Roald Dahl, with humor and a little of the darkness that seems to engage children without scaring them Quentin Blake s illustrations are instantly recognisable and add a lot to the story.We finished it in a few evenings and they want it again

  8. Tasha 11 Tasha 11 says:

    Bought this for my son for us to be able to read together to get him reading longer books, had previously read it as a child so knew he would enjoy it He went into school and told his teacher all about it Cant go wrong with a Roald Dahl book