This is the second Dahl book that my 5 year old little boy and I have read before bedtime The colour edition is fabulous and eyecatchingfor his enquiring mind Wasn t too sure at first if my boy was a bit young for the gruesome tricks at the beginning, since he had a bad dream about snails following the worm spaghetti incident However, the story takes a heroic turn My little boy loved the Roly Poly Bird and I m glad to see he stars in the enormous crocodile too I have no doubt that it will spark his imagination, and contribute to his growing addiction and excitement for books A great read for any child This was my favourite as a kid so I got it for my 4 year old child and read a chapter each night She loves this book fantastic pictures. I wanted to buy few books for my twins to read during weekend, their teacher recommended Roald Dahl s books So I bought The Twits , they finished reading in two days, they loved it. This is my favourite Roald Dahl book I got this for my niece to kick off her Roald Dahl collection A great story to introduce children to Roald Dahl. Penguin Presents The Audiobook Edition Of The Twits By Roald Dahld, Read By Richard Ayoade Mr Twit Is A Foul And Smelly Man With Bits Of Cornflake And Sardine In His Beard Mrs Twit Is A Horrible Old Hag With A Glass Eye They Ve Kept Muggle Wump Monkeys Caged In The Garden For Far Too Long, And Now The Monkeys Want To Take Their Revenge I know the story well and I love it This is a brilliant recording and the cd is in excellent condition. Looks interesting, with pictures, my granddaughter can follow Is a Christmas present. Yet another brillisntly written papaflick from the childhood to share with my monsters in learnythingymajig My class truly loved it.