Initially when i started reading this book to my daughter , I felt really awful at how lonely and sad James was and how horrid Aunt Spikey and Aunt Sponge were I wasn t sure if I wanted to carry on reading it due to the bullying from the aunts but then the book suddenly takes a lovely turn and James is freed of his horrid aunts and finds some new magical friends and suddenly the story turns interesting All the characters he meets and travels with on his adventures in the Peach are memorable including Grasshopper, Earthworm, Miss Spider, Ms Ladybird and Centipede and the ending was simply heart warming Came very fast Faster than it said it would which my son is very happy about This was my favourite Roald Dahl book, when I was a boy I have just reread it for the first time in many years to see if my earlier judgment was accurate.It was.The people who should come to a bad end do, satisfyingly, and we find out that no, I ll let you find out for yourself. Loved this book when I was wee My eldest daughter has been getting it read to her at school by her teacher, and she has fallen in love with this book Have bought it for Christmas, so I am sure I will have a very happy little girl come Christmas day. Penguin Presents The Audiobook Edition Of James And The Giant Peach By Roald Dahl, Read By Julian Rhind Tutt Listen With Headphones For A Wondercrump D Effect That Sounds Like Roald Dahl S Phizz Whizzing Characters Are In The Room With You James Henry Trotter S Parents Have Been Eaten By A Rhinoceros, So Now He Lives With His Two Repulsive Aunts One Hot Day Something Peculiar Happens And An Enormous Peach Grows In Their Garden Soon James And The Giant Peach Are Rolling Away From His Horrible Aunts, Towards A Most Marvellous And Wonderful Place We enjoyed reading this at bedtime Funny story and everyone guessed the right answers at the end One classic tale. Good read My daughter LOVED this book Well written and great story Highly recommended to KS2, tween age and even the grown ups love it too Another fab of Dahl books.