Nowadays, The World Is Full Of People Trying To Tell Us Things So Much So That We Have Taught Our Brains Not To Pay Much Attention After All, Click The Mouse, Tap The Screen, Flick The Channel And It S On To The Next Thing But Dave Gorman Thinks It S Time To Have A Closer Look, To Find Out How Much Nonsense We Tacitly Accept Suspicious Adverts, Baffling Newspaper Headlines, Fake Twitter, Endless Cat Videos, Insane TV Shows Where The Presenters Ask The Same Questions Over And Over Can We Even Hear Ourselves Think Over The Rising Din Or Is There Just Too Much Information Read By Dave Gorman Himself Such a disappointment I ve thoroughly enjoyed Dave Gorman s other books, his live shows, and his Modern Life Is Good ish TV series, but this book was extremely tiresome If you ve seen the last series of MLIG some of the content here will be familiar, but on the whole the book feels like Gorman s attempt at joining the cast of Grumpy Old Men as it is really just a collection of rants, none of which are particularly amusing A real shame. Dave Gorman the observational comedian as seen on Dave breaks out unexpectedly into badger based glove puppetry, telling the reader everyhing he knows about the subject Guaranteed to keep the reader hydrated for up to 25 hours 16% of 37 people agree. Excellent read I assumed, quite wrongly it turns out, that this book would be very facty in its content So the foray into badger based glove puppetry took me somewhat by surprise, leaving me titillated rather than disappointed If only everyhing I read was quite so fulfilling And he s taller than JK Rowling too. We are allowed to listen our iPhones iPods at work by using headphones of course Music got boring after a while, so I downloaded this Dave gorman s audiobook It had me giggling hysterically and despite all the dirty looks I got from colleagues paranoid that I was laughing at them , I recommend this highly I also liked that it was narrated by the man himself. Not only will this book be loved by anyone who enjoys the work of Dave Gorman, it also catalogues his unlikely move into badger based glove puppetry Which was odd. Badger Glove puppets, in my opinion, have reached the pinnacle and there is nowhere left for them to go I cannot see how they can be developed further. This is basically a written version of much of the material on the oddities and insanities of modern life uncovered during Dave Gorman s rather brilliant Modern Life is Good ish series on Dave which has sadly just ended Given that, if you ve seen the TV shows there is a certain lack of novelty but it s great to get the clever and mind boggling material in a longer written format eve if you are up to date.Recommended.