National Book Awards Audiobook Of The Year From Number One Bestselling Author David Walliams Comes Another Heartfelt But Hilarious Hoot Of An Adventure Stella Saxby Is The Sole Heir To Saxby Hall But Awful Aunt Alberta And Her Giant Owl Will Stop At Nothing To Get It From Her Luckily Stella Has A Secret And Slightly Spooky Weapon Up Her Sleeve

8 thoughts on “Awful Auntie

  1. Customer Customer says:

    THIS BOOK WAS AWESOME I ENJOYED IT SO MUCH IT CAN BE A BIT SAD AT TIMES BUT IT REALLY OPENS your eyes I highly recommend as do I for all other David s books Let s hope no one s auntie I actually like that Do read I am certain you will enjoy it just as much as I did I am ten years old and this book is purely suitable Once again this is an amazing book and I really enjoyed it big thanks to David for writing this book I read it on holiday and it wad really nice Thanks for taking your time to read my review and I am sure you just can wait to read it Bye x

  2. JennyL JennyL says:

    Review by Malcolm and DonovanWhile we have enjoyed other David Walliams books such as Gangsta Granny, Mr Stink and The Midnight Gang we found that Awful Auntie along with Demon Dentist are our favourites It is packed with great descriptions like Stella s scream in terror when Stella met Soot David Walliam s character descriptions are awesome and we really like Soot and all of the other characters In this book Stella had to solve the mystery of her parents death as well escaping from Awful Auntie Tony Ross pictures looked old fashioned and added to the story We love the way that David Walliams added Gibbon to the story to make it funnier Saxby Hall was a great setting for the story because it s a mansion with lots of rooms and grounds This book is suitable for boys and girls aged 8 and upwards Younger children might get scared or not understand.

  3. Lynsey Lynsey says:

    What a cracking book Appeals to many ages My nephew 8 , niece 7 and son 5 all love this But if truth be told my husband is loving it the most He s suddenly very keen to do bedtime story

  4. AsianDelite AsianDelite says:

    Bought this book as I ve heard good things about David Walliams children s books Suffice to say the birthday girl loved this book and gangster granny she read them in a matter of a few weeks I am now going to purchase her some of the books and keep her happy she chose Demon Dentist and Ratburger as her next choices I would highly recommend these stories for young children I bought them for a 10 year old and she loves them EDIT I bought a used hardback copy but it came with no dust jacket and wasn t in very good condition I m going to donate it to charity as it s not in acceptable condition as a gift for a young boy.

  5. Customer Customer says:

    Great story for my 5 yr old she loved the story maybe a little young but got the story

  6. Richard Richard says:

    This book goes on a bit Walliams pads out the pages with repeated escape attempts and subsequent captures There s definitely some nice touches, but it really could have been in a book half the size By the end, my son and I were practially begging for it to be finished.Still, not terrible Just a bit meh.

  7. anniemac anniemac says:

    I bought this book for my grandson as he loves reading I only gave it to him last week so cannot say for sure about the content of the story but I am in no doubt that he will enjoy it as he reads Horrid Henry and The World of Norm I m just so pleased that he likes reading and encourage it as much as I can.

  8. Mrs D Lilburn Mrs D Lilburn says:

    Fabulous read As a Teaching Assistant and having had two children of my own, I had never read any David Walliams so I decided to give him a try Brilliant Can see what all the fuss is about.