A Brilliantly Funny, Gripping Novel From A Born Storyteller, The Parent Agency Is An Epic Wish Fulfilment Adventure For Every Child And For The Child In EveryoneBarry Said, A Third Time, I Wish I Had Better Parents And Then Suddenly The Entire Room Started To Shake Barry Bennett Hates Being Called Barry In Fact It S Number On The List Of Things He Blames His Parents For, Along With Being Boring And Always Being TiredBut There Is A World, Not Far From This One, Where Parents Don T Have Children That S Far Too Random For Something So Big And Important In This World, Children Are Allowed To Choose Their ParentsFor Barry Bennett, This World Seems Like A Dream Come True Only Things Turn Out To Be Not Quite That Simple

8 thoughts on “The Parent Agency

  1. Mrs. C. M. Mitchell Mrs. C. M. Mitchell says:

    This book was a joy to read with an element a pretty big one two of comedy I enjoyed reading this book than any other and it made me want to explode with laughter.David Baddiel should be proud of this marvellous book and the joy it has brought two children me being one.I recommend this book for anyone especially James Bond fans aged 5 I loved this book and I hope you love it too

  2. Kelly Jayne Garton Kelly Jayne Garton says:

    I bought this book for my class and have been told that it was a fantastic purchase As a result, most of my class have now read this book and quizzed it on their accelerated reader app at school.

  3. Ava Harron Ava Harron says:

    The parent agency is an awesome book I love it, my brother loves it, my mum loves it and my mate loves it It s about Barry, who wishes for new parents Then, he s transported to the parent agency, where he has five days to pick a family However, he sees this one couple mysteriously popping up everywhere he goes Who are they and will he ever find the perfect family, in just 5 days Read this epic book too find out Review by Ava aged 11

  4. A. Marczak A. Marczak says:

    Having read some of this at bedtime to my 11yo, while she read the bulk of it to herself I would say this is a little basic for a year six child who has already ploughed through David Walliams and Roald Dahl, but it s well written, funny, thought provoking and quirky If your 9 or 10 year old wants this to read, I would recommend it.

  5. QOOS QOOS says:

    My 11 year old son, who is neither an avid reader nor completely reluctant, just can t put this book down I ve heard him laughing about it, he keeps reading snippets to me for appreciation, and is actually worried what he ll do when he s finished it It s the best book he s ever read apparently.

  6. Mr. Joseph E. Green Mr. Joseph E. Green says:

    Really enjoyed this book Burst out laughing and just started reading the next one So says my 10 year old Hysterical laughter is a pretty good sign that it s a good book Recommended.

  7. Sally Sally says:

    12yo son liked it and that s the target audience I found it banal compared with other contemporary fiction for this age group In fact I thought it would suit the 10yo better but he s busy re reading the Harry Potters.

  8. kimbo kimbo says:

    Bourght for my son He love the book