This book is in graphic style with lots of blank space and funny drawings to draw in reluctant readers it gives a nice sense of satisfaction when you have read 10 pages in 10 minutes The story is, as other reviewers have said, similar to Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but better written, with fewer slang expressions Tom is in Primary school, which he doesn t enjoy He has a sister, Delia, who gets on his nerves, a dad who likes cheap holidays and a teacher who is far too nosy He tells the story of his camping holiday and his life at school and at home with lots of laughs whether you are 10 or 40 years old My daughter enjoyed this book so much that I bought two copies as birthday presents for other 10 year olds and they have been well received Any book that gets picked straight out of the packaging and read is a sure fire hit This one was Excellent Highly recommended. Honest, Silly, And Laugh Out Loud Funnythe First Book In Liz Pichon S Hugely Popular, Award Winning Tom Gates Series Tom Gates Is The Master Of Excuses For Late Homework Dog Attacks, Spilt Water, Lightning Tom S Exercise Book Is Full Of His Doodles, Cartoons And Thoughts As Well As Comments From His Long Suffering Teacher, Mr Fullerton After Gaining Five Merits For His Camping Sucks Holiday Story, Tom S Work Starts To Go Downhill Which Is A Pity, As He S Desperate To Impress Amy Porter, Who Sits Next To Him I thought this was quite good, it s nice to read a book of this style without so many American words which make it tricky for newly independent readers There are a couple of parts which I thought were a bit rude but my 6 year old daughter liked it My 7 son listened to me reading it and laughed quite a bit but maintained that it s not as good as the Diary of Wimpy Kid books I think this is him being obstinate rather than a reflection on the book itself I bought this book for my 10 year old son so I m passing on his opinion of it It s hilarious I thought it was his kind of thing and when he read the blurb on the back he did say it sounded just like him Sure enough, he read it quickly over the weekend and with much giggling and chuckling He showed me a few bit and it did look quite funny for a 10 year old boy Like a lot of children he is OK at reading, but easily daunted by lots of words, and much prefers books with pictures in whether reference books, graphic novels or ones with funny cartoony bits like this Recommended for kids who feel the same And let s have lots he will eagerly read the whole series. My grandson 6yrs is described by his teacher as areluctant reader However he loves these books and will ask me to read them to him These books have captured his imagination and he looks at them on his own now I have noticed he is also keener to look at other books he has Great for active boys who struggle to sit still and read. this may be aimed for youngsters but i am forty and fully appreciated it, although i think kids would get as much enjoyment as i have so i have bought a copy for my five year old daughter and my nephews and niece the story will take you back to a magical childhood time and the illustrations compliment the story perfectly and draw you into the world of tom gates and his friends and family, particularly the feuds with his sister delia, so overall a delightful read and wonderful illustrations and i recommend it to anybody who enjoys a bit of fun, and we could all do with a bit of extra fun in our lives, marvelous download it now and it will not dissapoint Good book on paperback ,which is what I had to buy after the Kindke version so my son could read it I would not recommend it at all for the Kindle The font size is too small and because of the drawings in the book , the font is not resizable My son has 20 20 vision and this book was completely unusable The Kindle version was a total waste of money money Paperback 5 stars, Kindle none. Unfortunately this is a MP3 CD so it doesn t play on a standard CD player Nowhere on the description does it say this so please beware The picture above does say MP3 ready which I took to mean there was a digital download available with the CD, as you get with some albums and DVDs.I m left a very disappointed 7yr old