Love this book Very motivational and very accessible It set me in a positive and proactive mindset immediately upon reading it and I am now reading it a second time and making notes as I go as there are so many good bits in there that I want to make sure I keep fresh in my mind.This book gave me extra confidence and belief in my actions to be proactive in perusing my dreams.I have already personally recommeded this book to a number if friends and wouldn t hesitate to recommed it further. I ve bought two of these copies in total I bought another as a gift for a student after I was inspired by it The book introduces the habit of thinking productively and as the title suggests bigger The practices are effective and they serve as a means to stop you from becomes entwined in negative habits and instead run on the road to success Recommended Is all about working your mind to be happy right now This place you in a state that will attract and success in your life and others around you I have had listened to the audiobook in the past and wanted the printed version to refer back to it from time to time among my small selected collection of books.It seems like every time I read I learn something new. Once you get past the cheesy cover and title, this turns out to be a great book Books of this type tend to be long winded and preachy however, Schwartz s formula is simple and believable, with each chapter being filled with examples and experiences from the writer and his acquaintances This has quickly become my favorite business book. I encourage everyone who wants at least to level up the power of positivity read this book Also helps you understand how essential is visualizing and how important is to see ourselves through on what we seek to achieve The information is so simply put that when I started reading the book I found myself so excited page after page I couldn t stop. To people who are new to the self development world this book would be ok at most To those are in the advanced stages and looking for something new or a different perspective or angle on things This is absolutely not going to offer you anything new to add to your arsenal Super read, one of the best at summarising lots of books key messages One of the main points for me that stood out is near the end Find time to think by yourself everyday Don t fill every moment of the day with TV or radio or small talk or gossip, make the time to think about the things you NEED to think about With Than Six Million Copies Sold Worldwide, David Schwartz S Timeless Guide And Best Selling Phenomenon, The Magic Of Thinking Big, Is Now Available For The First Time As An Unabridged Audio Edition Millions Of People Around The World Have Improved Their Lives Through The Timeless Advice David Schwartz Offers In The Magic Of Thinking Big In This Best Selling Audiobook, Schwartz Proves You Don T Need Innate Talent To Become Successful, But You Do Need To Understand The Habit Of Thinking And Behaving In Ways That Will Get You There Filled With Easy To Understand Advice, This Unabridged Audio Edition Perfect For Gift Giving Will Put You On The Road To Changing The Way You Think, Helping You Work Better, Manage Smarter, Earn Money, Achieve Your Goals, And, Most Importantly, Live A Fuller, Happier Life