The Hotly Anticipated Next Novel From Number One Best Selling Author David Walliams, With Audio Hilariously Read By The Author Himself Jack S Grandpa Wears His Slippers To The Supermarket, Serves Up Spam La Custard For Dinner, And Often Doesn T Remember Jack S Name But He Can Still Take To The Skies In A Speeding Spitfire And Save The Day An Exquisite Portrait Of The Bond Between A Small Boy And His Beloved Grandpa This Book Takes Readers On An Incredible Journey With Spitfires Over London And Great Escapes Through The City In A High Octane Adventure Full Of Comedy And Heart

8 thoughts on “Grandpa's Great Escape

  1. Dr Areti Makrygeorgou Dr Areti Makrygeorgou says:

    At the end my mum was crying The story was fantastic I would laic to paiy you 30 for your stories you are fantastic mister Walliams Mother s translation my 6 year old has obviously adored this book Great story and written in a most captivating way touching persons of any age My son started dictating the review to me and then he wanted to write it by himself i hope one can read it.

  2. D. Higgins D. Higgins says:

    Great book, nice story and as normal a great example of youngsters having a good relationship with their elders I love this book and so does my 8 year old Lots of laughs and we often talk about it when walking to school or eating dinner One of those books which touches your life without you really noticing it My son s gran has Alzheimers so he can identify with the Grandpa and understand her a bit better Thank you David.

  3. Dave Bloomer Dave Bloomer says:

    I brought this booklet my 8 year old son He s hit and miss when it comes to reading So whilst waiting for him to start it I thought I d give it a go myself What a cracking story From the outset the story grabs you and you are transported to the boys world You feel the love he feels for his Grandpa and it really does move you in certain parts of the story As a 42 year old man i can heartily recommend this book to anyone looking for a great story Thumbs up Me Walliams.

  4. paracetamol paracetamol says:

    This is such an uplifting story When we lost a very important person in our family, who was ill with Alzheimer s and dementia, I was recommended this book for my children to help them with the loss.I read it myself too.We cried and we laughedpartly because of the book, partly because of the memories we shareIt helped my kids to understand that no matter what life brings we can cope as long as we re together

  5. Colin Colin says:

    Having just finished reading this book to my absolutely enthralled 7 and 8 year olds I can only say that I m sad we ve finished it and can t wait for his next book A brilliant story that also raised interesting topics for conversation mostly brought up by them not me.The perhaps difficult subject of dementia is treated beautifully, the love of a boy for his grandfather is touchingly described while the story itself is a typically rip roaring Walliams adventure which I won t spoil for anyone by discussing any further here.If you have children aged 6 10 just buy it.


    I bought this book via the warehouse option as it was the only manner of getting the book in hardback for my little guy He loves books and reads them until they literally fall to bits so I try to buy hardback library editions whenever possible The copy I got from the Warehouse was in perfect condition akin to new, and my little boy is thrilled with it I m definitely going to get books from the warehouse option in future, I d be nuts not to.

  7. ann clarke ann clarke says:

    Bought this for my 7 year old granddaughter Thought it might be a bit old for her but she s a good reader and loves it I ordered three books in total and was pleased that they arrived well packaged inside a cardboard box all were perfect.

  8. MBean MBean says:

    Our 11 year old eagerly awaits Walliams new book but in the meantime we have purchased him his own copied of the previous ones This one was his favourite, kept him entertained in the car The story follows and old man and his grandson and the adventures they go on From what my son said it deals with some interesting emotions from the grandfather being left in a care home to pressing matters.