Penguin Presents The Unabridged, Downloadable Audiobook Edition Of Doctor Who Time Lord Fairy Tales Read By Tom Baker, Joanna Page, Adjoa Andoh, Ingrid Oliver, Anne Reid, Dan Starkey, Sophie Aldred, Rachael Stirling, Samuel Anderson, Nicholas Briggs, Pippa Bennett Warner, Yasmin Paige, Michelle Gomez, Paul McGann And Andrew Brooke A Collection Of Dark And Ancient Fairy Tales From The World Of Doctor Who, These Captivating Stories Include Mysterious Myths And Legends About Heroes And Monsters Of All Kinds, From Every Corner Of The Universe Originally Told To Young Time Lords At Bedtime, These Twisted Tales Are Enchanting For Doctor Who Fans Of All Ages

8 thoughts on “Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales

  1. Alaran Alaran says:

    Time Lord Fairy Tales is another of many Doctor Who short story collections that have been published in recent years that are based around a certain thematic premise This one works better than some because the nature of Doctor Who lends itself quite easily to a fairy tale format Unlike many of the short stories collections, the ones in this book are all written by the same author.The stories in this collection are generally based upon the fairy stories that we all know but given a science fiction element or transposed into a science fiction setting Therefore the Pied Piper of Hamlyn ridding the town of rats becomes the Second Doctor playing his recorder to rid a space station of Cybermats Most of the tales despite their Whovian transition are easy to recognise but there are a couple that I personally don t know what they are based on.Inevitably the usual popular aliens from the programme are featured as various antagonists, but there a couple of new ones The Daleks don t get an appearance though as they re probably not quite suitable for the tone of these particular stories.Entitling it Time Lord Fairy Tales is somewhat of a misnomer, however As expected the Doctor, in various incarnations, makes several appearances He isn t in every story though and there aren t any other Time Lords that make appearances Nor are there any stories that are fairy tales or folklore that are supposed to be of Gallifreyan origin, which is a bit of a shame.The tales in this book are fun snippets of Who that are quite suitable for bedtime stories and are written in a manner that should appeal to both children and adults Besides what s not to be enjoyed about three little Sontarans defending themselves from the big bad Rutan.

  2. JumpinJenz2 JumpinJenz2 says:

    If you love Dr Who and enjoy reading short stories then this book is one for you The stories incorporate different Dr Who monsters like the weeping angels and turns them into a dark fairytale Because the stories are short it means that you can just pick the book up and read one when you have 10 minutes to spare.

  3. meowser13 meowser13 says:

    I purchased this for my husband who is a major Doctor Who fan and he really loves it This is a beautifully designed book Not only does it look good on our coffee table, it s a great little read Look forward to enjoying it for years to come

  4. Helen Helen says:

    AMAZING Got through it incredibly quickly would love stories like this A Doctor Who twist on classic fairy tales, brilliant for all fans, young and old

  5. Annelittle Annelittle says:

    Came exactly on time, item bought as gift, and is really beautiful

  6. Jess Jess says:

    Brought as a gift but had to read first He ll love it

  7. J Galt J Galt says:

    Great product and delivered promptly

  8. spudz0 spudz0 says:

    This was a present for a Doctor Who mad 10 year old who has barely put it down He loves the fact that some of the monsters get a back story, especially The Weeping Angels He is reading without me constantly on at him so I am a happy Mum.