This Is An Introduction To The Marvel Comic S Character, Deadpool A Brief History, This Book Includes Some Rare Detail And Trivia A Must For Anyone Interested In Deadpool, Whether You Are A Newbie Or A Seasoned Fan Deadpool Has Appeared In Over , Comic Books, Yet Still Is Quite An Unknown Character While He Might Have A Cult Following, His Presence Is Only Seen Here And There In The Comic Book Realm Starting As A Villain, Deadpool Developed Into A Wise Cracking Vigilante, Mostly Working As A Mercenary This Book Is An Introduction Into The History And Presence Of Wade Wilson, Also Known As The Merc With A Mouth, Better Known As Deadpool

7 thoughts on “Deadpool 101

  1. Drezzy86 Drezzy86 says:

    Wow, I haven t been this disappointed since I woke up Christmas morning and found my mum with santa.This Is brutal The rushed book pamphlet is written in note form, it s like the author had a quick peak at Wikipedia and just jotted down a few paragraphs.There s a trivia section but leaves me with the question why the hell did I buy this Spend your money on something else deadpool related and you ll get MORE information from Wiki then you will this utter mess.

  2. Mr. Daniel T. Pepall Mr. Daniel T. Pepall says:

    This is not a comic it is an apendix of the history of deadpool basically a picturless wiki written in large font the crappest book ever its not even official marvel dont bother with this book it is a rip off

  3. JC JC says:

    Absolute worst, most disappointing purchase I have ever made on It claims to be 34 pages, however it actually has 20 pages of content, several of which have one sentence on them The font is very large, which is fine if you have an issue with your eyesight, but not desirable if you are looking for 34 pages of great info about Deadpool Does it have some good info Yes is it truely 34 pages as advertised No Is it well written No is the description misleading Yes if I could give this 1 2 star I would Be forewarned If you have super low expectations, you may be ok with this, otherwise, forget it Sorry, but I believe in always giving honest reviews If this review was helpful to you, please indicate yes.


    This book reads like a Wikipedia article without the pictures I found it to be rather boring There is also no references to where the author may have found his facts It sounded like the author does not even like the deadpool character due to some of his facts.

  5. Redriche Carlson Redriche Carlson says:

    I like the breakdown of who he is I like the end of this where the author tells you which comics to start a collection if you want.

  6. Joshua Joshua says:

    0 starsRip Off, Misleading, Terrible.This is the worst I thought I was purchasing a comic if I wanted facts about Deadpool you can look it up on line or purchase this leaflet, which will give you a couple bullet points on the character and his life Like when the comic started and the character is fond of guns and knives.

  7. Jarel P. Jarel P. says:

    Terrible book and summary of Deadpool Can t believe it costs money Inaccurate Poorly written Not worth the purchase in any way.