Susan Has Never Known Anyone Like Cord Blackstone His Pale Blue Eyes Shine With Temptation And Dark Menace Cord Has A Score To Settle With His Family The Same Genteel Clan That Sheltered Susan After Her Husband S Death He Will Stop At Nothing To Punish The Blackstones Even If It Means Ruining The One Woman Who Can T Stop Loving Him I liked this book, very easy read and entertaining Some Linda Howard books I have read are sort of dark , makes me feel a bit weary and wonder what s going to happen next type of thing I prefer romances and this book has a lot of romance in it A very entertaining read. Iv nearly finished readin this book.and im enjoyin it very much. I read this book years ago I actually have the paperback somewhere on one of my book shelves But as the proud owner of a Kindle Fire HD I am trying to collect as many of my paperback keepers into my Kindle library as I can